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The Benghazi Hearings

I’m not sure how many people watched the 11 hours of the fiasco with Hillary Clinton’s testifying in front of the Beghanzi Committee? I’m still trying to figure out if I wasted 11 hours of my life. I didn’t really have anything else better do and figured I’d watch what kind of soap opera it turned into.

It really wasn’t much different than I expected. To be honest, if you watched Gowdy’s opening remarks you could have saved yourself about 10 hours and 45 minutes of watching the shit show that ensued. Pretty much if you’re a Hillary fan she did fantastic. If you’re a a Hillary hater you’d agree she did terrible. In some ways the hearing is probably the best thing that happened to her campaign. I’m sure her fans are going to give her a boost. And it wouldn’t surprise me if her donations went up. Jim Jordan pinned her in a corner with his questions concerning why she said to world leaders and her family it was a terrorist attack and told the American people the attack was a spontaneous attack over a YouTube video. Gowdy hit her pretty good too whether or not her discussion with Blumenthal were unsolicited or not. The gentleman from Georgia had a good point about her giving a blow by blow description of what happened in Tanzania and Cairo and she didn’t give one for Benghazi. Hillary certainly skirted around and changed the subject a lot. She only took responsibility and accountability when it was convenient for her.

If one has half a brain in their head you should be able to figure out the attack in Benghazi was an orchestrated coordinated terrorist attack. I knew it as soon as it broke in the news when the compound was attacked. When Rice, Obama, and Hillary stated it was a protest that escalated over a video I knew it was bullshit. I could see these whack jobs using it for propaganda purposes to gain support but, it didn’t instigate the attack. Don’t you think it to be a little coincidental the attack happened on 9/11? There is just a lot of bullshit that doesn’t add up. Politically it has been turned into an attack on Hillary some what. McCarthy and a couple of others should have kept their mouths shut. The ones who spun it into an attack on Hillary was the left and herself.  Some ways it probably has been politically motivated but, that goes along with the territory. Gowdy has said many times it’s about Benghazi and not about Hillary. What really kicked it off was a memo talking about the video and a terrorist attack and the discrepancies. I think Gowdy is being honest when it comes to it. I think he honestly wants to find out the truth. He will have a hard time because anyone who is involved has the potential to lose their job or seat, and possible prosecution if and when it’s found laws were broken.

There’s no doubt in my mind it was politically motivated with only having 50 some odd days before Obama being reelected. He touted how great a success the policies were working in Libya. What kind of affect would it had on his reelection bid if he talked about the escalation in terrorist attacks in Libya at that time? Most all the other countries like Britain closed their embassies and shagged ass. I think there is more to it than that. Some of the emails connects a guy named Touriq, was the named they used found in an email. He had talked to Ambassador Stevens about dealing with guns and weapons to get them into the rebels in Libya. So, do we have a Fast and Furious or Iran Contra situation going on here? Something else peaked my curiosity when Hillary said Stephens was their for recon. Was he a spook? Isn’t recon supposed to be up to spies and intelligence agencies?

I like how they stalled and just released about 1,400 emails from Stevens just a couple days before the hearing. As I am writing this I just heard on the news Hillary had a boast in donations and had one of the best hours or something after the hearings. One thing among many that disturbed me about what Hillary had said. She alluded to Ambassador Stevens was to blame for his own death. Come on! with 600 requests for security upgrades up until the attack? And anything one would think she would have had some responsibility or accountability she pushed it off on other people or parts of the State department.

During the other hearings and going over the ARB stuff their were contradictions there as well. I’ve watched all the public hearing and the State Department has been stone walling and their representative said he couldn’t comment on a lot stuff because he was  in during that time. they did the old swithcaroo there too. There’s another point I wanted to mention as well. I’ve been follow this Benghazi stuff for quite awhile. The biggest reason the committee hasn’t been able to do anything is because they haven’t  received the information they have asked for and the subpoena’s even haven’t been fulfilled yet. There is as least two or three subpoenas issued over this. A couple of these subpoenas are close to 3 years old now. The State Department and the other departments and agencies are dragging their feet. It took a federal judge to light a fire under their asses. Hillary was screwing the pooch about handing over her server.

There was a subpoena to turn that over and she milked it from everything it was worth until a judge to ld her to fork it over. Then it was wiped out. Her attorneys had thumb drives or whatever with her emails stored at their office. They may have had security clearance to look at the information but, I don’t think they had clearance to store this information.

I’ve seen reports that the IT company and person handling her server didn’t have clearance or were certified and jumped through the hoops to be able to handle classified information. The IG pulling 40 emails and finding 4 that had sensitive and classified information. That is 10% out of a sample people. So if she handed over fifty thousand pages and the sample expose 10% in the sample imagine what 10% of 50,000 maybe more depending on what was considered private and/or work related email. Then the 1,250 emails turned over that were private and weren’t work related.

I just seen an article the IT company had Hillary’s email stored on the cloud as well. I don’t if it’s related to the other server that may have surface, or would this be considered the other server they had? Maybe both a server and copies on the cloud. Reports have surfaced the FBI has been able to recover a lot on information of the wiped server.

It seems pretty apparent to me Hillary has broken a bunch of laws concerning storage, transmitting, and preserving government work related information. From the IG’s report she had classified and sensitive information on her unsecured server. This comes across as much worse than Petraeus ever did, having some classified info in his desk and on his laptop his mistress had access to. Which is pretty chicken she because she was an officer and had some level of security clearance. I think they used Petraeus as a scapegoat and charged him so he would end up being a private citizen and he wouldn’t be able to testify because of the classification change. From what I have come across it played a roll from him being in the position he was in that the way the law is written would make it rough for him to testify because of security reasons. I think they hammered him too because he had damaging information to testify about. So they prosecuted him to shut up as well.

I don’t think Hillary’s explanation of not having information marked classified or not it going to help her much as far as that goes. From what little bit I have been able to find out about that, it doesn’t have to be marked to be considered classified or sensitive. I am sure they have people to screen information and redact what is necessary and reword information so it can be talked about or discussed. I do know there is a close system they use for confidential and classified info. I think Hillary is in a lot trouble no matter what she says. This Blumenthal thing bother me too. The White House wouldn’t let her hire him and then he turns up at the Clinton foundation. Most of the information turning up so far they discussed a lot of things about Benghazi. His emails back and forth to her have been the primary source about Benghazi so far. We’ll have to wait and see how this turns out.I think Blumenthal was being used to go through back channels for whatever reasons. Favors being payed back to him or Hillary?

So it has been an uphill battle for the committee to get any answers or anything to work with. They have been running blind since they haven’t had any document or information they have asked for. How can you perform an investigation if you don’t have or can’t get information because of interference from others to get said information? It would be similar to police trying to do an investigation and can’t get anyone to cooperate. Many of the agencies have been stonewalling this committee. And so have many people, including Hillary Clinton. The next question I have is, how deep does this go? Since Kerry hasn’t been very cooperative, how complicit has he been in the orchestration of what has transpired? Same with the White House and Obama. All this just raises suspicion and mistrust for me. How involved is Cummings? As much as he champions Hillary and protests he comes across guilty of something too. Did he received money for his involvement?

We didn’t really get anything new out of this latest hearing. If anything it has actually helped Hillary. I was disgusted how most of the committee members got on their soap box and voiced opinions propping Hillary up and trying to turn her into a victim. She says she took responsibility, she didn’t really, when pressed she passed it on to someone else. The only things she did take responsibility for was things that may have made her look good.

Did this coming out have anything with the agenda coming out of the White House? If anything, I think Hillary would be a bigger threat to Biden and the administration then the republicans.  I waiting to see the lid blown off of this Benghazi thing. I have a feeling a lot of people may be in trouble if this scandal comes unglued. I do believe it will hit both sides of the aisle. They haven’t figured out yet that probably coming out and telling the truth would be better. Since everyone is in cover you ass mode it just makes everyone involved look guilty whether any wrong doing has been done or not.

I think it’s a good idea Gowdy made the decision to release the transcripts and everything to the public. It should be redacted accordingly if they release something but, that will cause trouble because people will wonder what was redacted and who is being protected.

I do think Hillary broke the law on many levels. Who knows to what extent at this point? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where the cookie crumbles.


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