gun control

Here We Go Again

People are losing their damn minds again over gun control issues since another shooting happened in Oregon. The problem isn’t with gun control legislation or making legislation more restrictive. With twenty thousand plus gun laws on the books I don’t think adding any more is going to magically cure the problem. What law or laws are going to be enough? Confiscation doesn’t work. People are getting killed and murdered all over the world by guns. Even in countries that have banned them. I just found out gun ownership in Australia is just as high if not higher prior to their confiscation program.

Since a couple of the previous shooters were found to have purchased weapons legally and fell through cracks with the background check system which, I haven’t been able to find any information proving the back ground check has even thwarted very many shootings of this nature. Let alone anything else. I’m sure there is some information or statistic about how many people have been caught trying to buy weapons that were ineligible. On other things I’ve been reading I’ve found out many thousands of people who are denied through background checks are not prosecuted. PolitiFact posted this article about what Sen. Ayotte said about this. They even found it was mostly true. So why aren’t these people being prosecuted accordingly?

After digging around in the UCR and other crime stats like the NIBRS that can be found HERE it paints a different picture that what the Obama administration and the left want you to believe, and how the media sensationalizes and spins it. Most of the major cities in the country have very restrictive gun control laws. Maryland has some of the most restrictive laws in the country and Baltimore is pretty much a war zone, the same with Chicago, LA, and Cleveland. Previous gun and high capacity magazines didn’t put a dent in anything. Even after Obama had the CDC do a study they found that legislation hasn’t made an impact on what is happening. The CDC study if found that up to 3 million crimes have been thwarted due to people protecting themselves with firearms. A majority of these crimes were deterred just from brandishing a weapon without a shot fire. So the same study and investigation Obama ordered basically blew his argument out of the water and made his argument mute. Statistics are actually finding out with less restrictive gun control laws and legislation for concealed carry and stand your ground laws being implemented crimes has dramatically dropped.

Where I see the most problem is the cultural and societal shift that has taken place over the course of a few decades where ethics and morality have degraded considerably. There is a revolving door on the criminal justice system. Laws are not being enforced. Violent criminals are running a muck on our streets. Plea deals galore for people committing crimes with guns. Mental health professionals don’t have the resources and/or ability to commit people like they did thirty years ago and getting people help they need. Intervention for the mentally ill has become more difficult all the way around because of civil liberties and right have become to the forefront. Thanks to bleeding heart liberal progressive policies.

Liberal progressive policies and attitudes have had a major impact as well. Leading people to believe they are special and equal in every way. Handing out participation trophies for everything. The younger generations are being handed a very grave result from all this feel good do it mentality. There has been a degradation of the respect for others and life in general. Many people do not have the ability to handle disappointment and criticism any more. They think they are entitled to everything under the sun expecting to live in some fantastical utopia. The only thing I’ve seen out of all this political correctness about diversity and coexist bullshit, along with the white privilege horse shit is divisiveness and hatred. Anything and everything is hate speech if it doesn’t fit the progressive left’s narratives. Critical thinking has went out the window. Most of the arguments I’ve heard are pure emotionally based without a single ounce of thought put into the rhetoric being spouted from people like Piers Morgan and other left wing loons like Micheal Moore and the rest of their ilk, much less any proof statistically or historically.

Then you have the black lives matter crowd who bitch because the police don’t do enough. And when they do do something they scream about police brutality and excessive force. Plus the mentality of snitches end up in ditches. Along with the other social ills in these communities where they think it’s fine to kill somebody because they dissed you somehow. Communities need to be proactive to run criminals out of their neighborhoods. The police are reactive to crime. People in these high crime neighborhoods also need to communicate and turn these thugs in if they know anything. Which reminds of of a really good book I read Thomas Sowell wrote called Black Rednecks and White Liberals. Sowell’s book explains what I am just touching on in this post. Historically none of this is anything new and he explains different cultural shifts to and from other cultures. If you haven’t read Black Rednecks and White Liberals I highly recommend it.

I feel what needs to be done is dropping the hammer on violent criminals and people who break the existing gun laws. Gangs need to be dealt with accordingly by breaking them up and prosecuting the individuals associated with them as well to the fullest extent of the law. Stop the plea deals with violent crimes committed with a firearm and send these bastards to jail for as long as legally possible. It has gotten worse over the last 6 years under President Obama and his administration. The system is broken and having the mentality it will work if we just get the right people in is mostly absurd in many ways. You can’t really compare our crime statistics with Europe because of the disparities in how the data is collected and reported. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. They are many countries with lower gun ownership per capita than the United States that have more murders and violent crime committed then the U.S. who have more restrictive gun control then we do.

It’s not the guns people, it’s more cultural than anything and not holding people accountable and responsible for their actions in a nut shell.  The only thing more gun control laws and restrictions are going to accomplish is punish law abiding people.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” To me The Second Amendment is pretty cut and dry that we have the right to bear arms, and shall not be infringed.


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