Hillary’s Mounting EmailGate Troubles

The XX Committee

With each passing day, Hillary Clinton’s political and legal difficulties relating to EmailGate continue to pile up. While her supporters have taken some glee from the revelation that Caroline Kennedy, while serving as U.S. ambassador to Japan, inappropriately used personal email for official business — as Hillary did exclusively — there’s less here than meets the eye. Kennedy was putting Sensitive But Unclassified information (a State Department term for what the Intelligence Community calls For Official Use Only, meaning information that is not classified yet cannot be released to the public without agency approval), which is an administrative, not legal matter. In other words, it’s a lot less serious than what Hillary stands accused of having done at Foggy Bottom.

Team Hillary’s catch-all has been that her attorney, David Kendall, had her unclassified-but-actually-classified emails under proper lock and key for months, before he handed them over to the FBI. While…

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