EmailGate Gets Worse for Hillary Clinton

The XX Committee

As evidence mounts that as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her staff systematically violated Federal rules and laws governing the handling of classified materials, her supporters have dug in, denying anything wrong was done. As the emerging facts get worse, so do their lies and obfuscations.

Clinton hangers-on are coming out of the woodwork not merely attacking those who have pointed out Hillary’s serious problems with classified information and her “private” server — they now deny there is any scandal at all.

It’s all yet another invention of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, say Team Hillary with one voice. This, of course, requires a belief that the FBI, the Intelligence Community, and even Obama’s Department of Justice are in on this right-wing plot. Logic was never a Clintonian strong-point.

Among the worst examples of flat-out-lying employed to cut short Hillary’s EmailGate is this new screed by a Democratic hack. The…

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