Ferguson, Mike Brown, Mike Brown Anniversary

Mike Brown Anniversary

Some crazy stuff happened in Ferguson, MO about 11pm Sunday night. Protestors were in a face off with Police on W. Florissant. I was watching a Periscope feed and heard shots fired on the Periscope feed. The Police were being patient while the protestors were taunting. Numerous orders were given to disperse, 51 was reported to be given. From watching the live news feed on KTVI Fox 2 things weren’t going too bad. Nothing really out of place on the Periscope feed either. People yelling things at the cops. Some people were trying to get the crowd to break up before something happened. A lot of tension, but nothing out of the ordinary until all the shots were fired.

Not sure exactly what happened but, there was an officer involved shooting. One person was shot and at this time they are still alive and things aren’t very clear what had happened. St. Louis Co. PD posted a couple of tweets officers were under heavy gunfire fire, about 30 shots, and showed pictures of the cruiser that were hit. From what is being reported the person who was shot is still alive and taken to the hospital for treatment.

Another person, a woman, was being treated for having seizures.

Up until then the protest was peaceful except for a couple of businesses that were broken into.

It could have ended up a lot worse than it has. This incident could have kicked off something more serious. This is already a volatile situation and doesn’t need to get any worse. On the Periscope feed I was watching and the live news feed I was watching. People had their young children out there. One boy looked scare shitless. Are these people nuts? What if one of these kids were shot? What if these gunshots kicked off a major riot and these kids were hurt in the chaos. Thank God it didn’t kick something off a lot worse.

From what I’ve watched and has been reported the police have and did show great restraint. There were probably 75 to 100 protestors. The rain had probably kept attendance down. I’m just glad this incident didn’t explode into a full blown riot again in Ferguson.


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