GOP Debate, politics

GOP Debate

Here is the reported times for talk times.

1 Trump 10:30
2 Bush 8:33
3 Huck 6:32
4 Carsn/Crz 6:28
6 Kasch 6:25
7 Rubio 6:22
8 Chrste 6:03
9 Walkr 5:43
10 Paul 4:51

Even though these times are probably accurate the GOP debate seemed to be more focused on attacking Trump. I found this debate to be one of the worst, or the worst debates I have ever watched. I found it to be biased in many ways. One of them is the way Trump was the center of attention. Since it turned into a pick on Trump moment it left a lot of unanswered questions about the stance on issues from the other debaters.

It should have been better balanced by asking one question and letting the candidates answer, and give a rebuttal if they had one to give. Fox News and being fair and balanced were neither. Another bias I found unprofessional turning into a sideshow. during most of the debate I found it unorganized.

The candidates for the most part were able to get their views and digs in. I would have like to hear more from Dr. Carson and Ted Cruz. I think Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace acted like sharks and were very unprofessional because how they went after Trump because he is inexperienced in politics. Maybe they wanted to teach him a lesson to be prepared and how tough politics can be. I’m not sticking up for Trump by any means. The debate to me look liked a reality show rather than a debate and I am very disappointed about how the moderators turned it into a sideshow.

They should have allowed each candidate to give an answer on each question and let the others add rebuttals as they came up. Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Fiorina, Huckabee, Jindhal, Christie, and Kasich probably did the best jobs getting their views out. Dr. Carson didn’t do too bad. What hurts Dr. Carson is the length of time it takes him to get his point across.

Trump with his hitting an emotional nerve, and telling like it is bit him in the ass during the debate. He couldn’t get the solutions or the stats out he needed to back up what he has been saying. I think his supporters are following him on emotions believing he is right by emotions. Trump did say some truths when it come to business and businessmen using the laws to their advantage and donating and having favors trade for the support given. Pretty much explaining the reasoning people like Jim Trafficant went down. Same thing when Russo and his bunch went down over kickbacks and awarding contracts, and the illegal activities.

Hence the Washington Cartel Senator Cruz talks about. If people like Cruz, Gowdy, and Cotton left their principles and morals at the door when they checked into Washington. They wouldn’t be any better than Reid, McConnell, and Boehner. People are wising up to the shenanigans party in part of social media and people like Andrew Breitbart exposing the truth.

People are also starting to wake up and electing people in like Ernst, Gowdy, Cotton, Cruz, and a few others to infiltrate the GOP. We need people in the House and Senate who will do just like these people are doing I just previously mentioned. We have strayed away from constitutionality big time and need to rein it back.

There is a serious attack on the Bill of Rights and freedoms. It needs to stop and the people need to be vigilant and active making sure we don’t lose our rights liberties, and pursuit of happiness. Heading in the direction we have been heading in we are headed down the path of socialism and marxism. If you think otherwise you need to take off your blinders and get educated.



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