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2016 Republican Debate

I thought the first round of debates clearly were better moderated and more balanced. Carly Fiorina clearly won the debate. Carly Fiorina was very articulated, gave concise precise answers. She gave a very eloquent performance tonight and should have probably been in the top tier debate instead of the bottom. Half of this bunch shouldn’t even be running for President.

I thought Perry looked awkward and hasn’t offered much more than he previously has in the past. Gilmore talked a pretty good game, but he just doesn’t have the charisma and charm needed. Santorum was stiff and didn’t offer much either. Sounded like the same old Santorum. Lindsey Graham sounds like a war monger and cry baby.

I’d say Gov. Bobby Jindhal did really well, he has a good record, cancelled medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood. He has done a lot for Louisiana downsizing the government in LA. I’d give him second place behind Carly Fiorina.I like Bobby Jindhal a lot and offers the party a great many things. I’ve never been a fan of Ptaki. His message didn’t resinate with me at all. He didn’t seem to be very prepared and also looked awkward and uncomfortable like Perry.

The two who really shined me was Jindhal and Fiorina. They did  a great job getting their messages out.

On the main debate, I was really disappointed with the Fox News moderators and how biased they were. They did a very poor job spreading the time between candidates and almost completely ignored Ted Cruz. It turned into more of an attack on Trump than anything. Rubio and Cruz looked really good tonight even though Rubio and Cruz were not in the mix very much.

Trump looked like and angry egotistical narcissist. Whether this was the strategy or not, I don’t know. It just seemed like Megan Kelly and the others were focusing on Bush, Christie, Rubio mainly, trying to sway how the Republican lineup should be.

Ted Cruz and Rubio and probably the winners tonight out of the top ten. Rubio and Cruz looked very presidential and used their time to hit hard and fast with concise and precise answers. Christie came across as too emotional and temperamental arguing with Rand Paul. Between Trump, Christie, and Paul’s exchanges took a lot away from the debate.

I’m really disappointed about the bias the moderators shown tonight. It was more of a shit show than anything like a reality show rather than a debate. I think Trump did a lot of damage to himself. The moderators and Rand Paul really got under his skin. Trump just touted his rhetoric and didn’t have anything of substance to say. Didn’t really provide any solutions to what he his complaining about. And turned around after the debate he wasn’t treated fairly.

Bush comes across as Fox’s darling and want him to be the nominee. I’m not for Bush and don’t know any conservative who admits to be a Bush supporter. I don’t see Jeb as a conservative I see him a leaning right democrat or moderate at best. He does has a good record in Florida. This debate should have been narrowed down even more before it took place. Hopefully, this will weed out Trump, Gilmore, Graham, Christie, Huckabee, Ptaki, Santorum, and maybe Perry. I’d like to see Bush gone, but I think he’s going to be in it for awhile anyway.

It’s still too early to tell where this is going to end up. Have to see how these guys resonate in the polls. I really don’t see Kasich hitting the conservative base as a front runner either. Expanding medicare is going to be his big issue I think. even though Kasich has made a lot of progress in Ohio after following up Strickland’s progressive fiasco. Blue state Republican Governors are going to have it tough since they have had to battle predominately ran Democratic States.

Walker did a really good job, he looked confident and relaxed. I think he’s going to climb the polls as well. Huckabee is Huckabee. I was waiting for Paul to start talking about chemtrails and other conspiracy stuff. His foreign policy is off the rails. He’s a Libertarian more than anything.

Hopefully the next republican debate will be moderated much better equalling the time between candidates and get all their answers, instead of the blatant biased bullshit they pulled tonight.


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