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Planned Butcherhood

I find it very disturbing how people can support and defend what Planned Butcherhood has been doing. Making claims the videos were just heavily edited. Making false claims about women’s health. Making such an uproar about how great Planned Butcherhood is. It comes across we need to overlook the barbarianism participated in and just focus on the alleged good Planned Butcherhood has provided. It’s pure unadulterated bullshit. It’s no different condoning other heinous acts and giving people a pass because they have had a bad childhood and became a serial killer.

How in the hell has Planned Buthcherhood turned into the victim here by the left? How is exposing an organization that is pretty clear has broken many laws an evil right wing conspiracy. I cannot believe how the left and pro choice people use the language they do to dehumanize a human life. It’s just a clump of cells, it’s not a life, and just a parasite in a woman’s womb. They use the terms fetus, and embryo and describe them as just a parasite.

If nothing is being done unlawfully, why are they trying to ban having the videos shown. Planned Butcherhood has failed miserably trying to handle the PR relations they are doing claiming this is all a hoax, or heavily edited video. It’s being done by right wing conspiracists who blow up clinics and kill doctors.

This isn’t much different than PETA and/or other animal rights activists privately recording and doing a sting on the industrial farming companies they have went after. In fact, it’s worse as far as the activity and callousness directed at human life.

Ag-Gag Law just found unconstitutional, In this link show an article that Idaho’s Ag-Gag law was found unconstitutional. If you don’t know what an Ag-Gag law is. It’s a law making it illegal to privately video tape agricultural activities concerning video taping privately animal cruelty. The judge ruled it was unconstitutional because it went against free speech. I hope this decision has an impact on The Center for Medical Progress’s case and having some of their videos not being viewed by a temporary restraining order when their hearing comes up on August 19th.

Blocking these videos is repression of free speech. The public needs to know when organizations and business do harmful and horrific things. Especially when it comes to human life. I have always thought and believed abortion is murder. How can we protect our posterity if they are aborted? How can our posterity pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if our posterity are murdered in their mother’s womb?

What was really disturbing is seeing many people arguing about sex doesn’t always lead to pregnancy. Are they that stupid that they do not know having sex is primarily for the purpose or procreation? The egotistical narcissism is astounding to say the least. Asking question like, do you expect a woman not to have sex, and deny her of having pleasure? What about the concerns of a women’s health? Hearing most of these pro choice lunatics, they make it sound like being pregnant is like being diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Senator Warren’s comments were very despicable and deceiving concerning her statement to the Senate.

Senator Warren’s Defense of Planned Butcherhood

This isn’t about abortion itself, it’s about Planned Butcherhood changing the abortion procedures to harvest organs, fetal cadavers, and/or profiting off selling tissue from abortions.

42 U.S. Code about selling tissue

42 U.S. Code on Research on Transplantation of Fetal Tissue

Here is a good article explaining what I am trying to convey. 12 States are currently looking into and investigating currently being reported as I am writing this.

The left can kick and scream all they want this isn’t going away. The abortion issue hasn’t gone away since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.

Gov. Bobby Jindhal has canceled medicaid contract to Planned Butcherhood. Hopefully this is the  beginning of the downfall to a heinous organization.


One thought on “Planned Butcherhood

  1. Great on! Also, no court can order that these videos can’t be released. It’s an activist judge abusing power he doesn’t have. Apparently no one paid any attention to them, because the 5th video was just released! hehe


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