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The Iranian Agreement

I was watching a good portion of the Iranian Agreement hearings and it was all over the place. Some grand standing, some good question and concerns brought up. Some good answers and theories were mentioned. Kerry looked especially uncomfortable at times. There were a few times it looked like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He wasn’t very convincing in his arguments for the agreement.

Kerry’s statements when asked about why this wasn’t considered a treaty when asked didn’t hold very much water. Especially when it contradicted what was considered a treaty off the State Departments website and what has been generally considered a treaty. Kerry’s answer was mainly because we had entered this agreement multiple nations an IAEA were involved and were contradicted by a couple of Senators. Touting confidentiality because IAEA was its own organization.

I think this is a raw deal on many levels. From what was stated about Iran and their previous actions of breaking at least 27 other treaties and agreements they have broken. We are walking on eggshells to try and keep the middle east breaking out into a much bigger war than it is already involved in. Iran also been the biggest state sponsor for terrorism and wish to wipe Israel, the UK, and the United States off the map. These billions of dollars given to Iran are going to go to their nuclear program and to support terrorists. I don’t think anything we do is going to keep Iran from having nuclear capabilities or ambitions. Other than military intervention and wiping out their capabilities. Who’s going to be the bad guy on this situation when this comes down to the final option to go after Iran? What is the strategy here? Have we as the P5 +1 allies set Iran up to fail? Have we had another Chamberlain moment in history? We’ve only really discussed how many billions of dollars we are going to fork over to Iran. What are the other countries giving Iran monetarily to inject into their economy or other endeavors they wish to invest in.

All I really see is Iran funneling the money they are going to receive, along with profits from trade into furthering terrorism across the globe. They’ll be able to do whatever they want buying weapons and/or supplies, and everything needed to go nuclear; build ICBM’s and other military options. It was also mentioned that Russia is going to sell them defensive systems. We have not only enabled Iran to grow stronger militarily, we will have more difficulty to intervening if they break the treaty.

They may be able to purchase nuclear warheads off Pakistan and rockets from China to deliver these weapons. Iran very well may have capabilities in the near future to wreak havoc anywhere they choose. I think there is something deeper going on than we are seeing on the media and what this administration are letting on. Even though the world has pretty much ostracized and treated Iran like a bastard child that behaves badly.

They still have managed to build centrifuges and create enough fissile material to make nuclear weapons. This argument has been going on for decades. Sanctions and containment hasn’t worked. Iran is a sovereign nation. What do we do with a sovereign nation? What would we do if the tides were turned and we or another nation were dealing with the issues Iran is dealing with and the world, trying to force us what we don’t want to do. The Revolutionary War started the last time that happened. What has been going on that we don’t know about that had come out with Iraq other countries were found to have been not abiding by sanctions? Have other countries been selling Iran contraband according to sanctions that have been in place. I was, and have been under the impression we mainly went into Iraq because of the sanctions they refused to follow stemming from UN resolutions and sanctions. What were these secret deals that have come up? This administration is hiding something from Congress. Why wasn’t this a treaty? This whole thing stinks. Kerry couldn’t even apologize to the families who were killed by the explosive devices that killed over 500 of our military made by Iran. All he could do was thank them for their service.

In the after math we found out France, Germany, Russia, and others had sold Iraq contraband. Are we going to find out the same with Iran? Is this deal part of something the P5 +1 want to cover, such as, they have been selling contraband under the sanctions Iran has been under? Shit just isn’t adding for me on so many levels with this Iranian deal.

One of the other thoughts I’ve had on this. Is this a way to bring Iran into the International realm and raise them up as an equal to other world powers and hold them to a higher standard? Since they won’t be a pariah state any longer this would changed the entire demographics of how Iran interacts with the International community and expecting them to have the tolerance and work with the diversity other countries do with each other. Even though they have strained relations due to human rights, culture, religious, and other differences. The I, Pencil thesis comes to mind where everyone in the world has a hand in manufacturing just a simple pencil. And how the free market motivates people to cultivate relationships to manufacture pencils.

I had made mention in tweets and other blog posts that this may be the opportunity to have an excuse to go into Iran since the stakes are set much higher than just sanctions and containment concerning Iran. I could see where a strategy amongst the P5 +1 players could use this agreement to give Iran just enough rope to hang themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit as things escalate in the middle east where things get bad enough, the world powers would go in and take over the region. Splitting it up under each of the allies control much like what happened in Germany after WWII.

Now that this deal has been made the Saudi Prince has been sabre rattling, so has Israel, and some of our other allies in the middle east have given cause for concern. Could this be enough for one of these countries or states to retaliate and attack Iran? Many of these countries have been tossed into civil war, along with ISIS trying to take over. Now Turkey attacking Kurds and others they see as terrorists. Who’s the good guys, and who’s the bad guys? We’ve armed, trained and supported rebels who were fighting before. You can see where that got us with Usama Bin Laden.

People are delusional if they think this is a good deal. It’s not a good deal at all. I think this was  last ditch effort before the inevitable to go clean Iran’s clock. I don’t think any deal could have really been made to rectify the situation. This has been brewing for a very long time, and can probably be traced to its roots from the inception of Israel.

In 1979 when Iran went full Islam and the Ayatollah came into power there has been a surge to create a caliphate. The Ayatollah will probably be the Caliph if the Caliphate comes to power. It is well on its way to be. All the territory ISIS has control of now is proof of that. The Iranian leadership isn’t into diplomacy and neither are ISIS leaders. Their intent is to destroy infidels and anything to do with western civilization. They believe if it is worth believing in and fight for, it’s worth dying for. Now we have radical lone wolf attacks on our soil.

22 attacks against our military by radical Islamists, the women beheaded in Oklahoma, the recent foiled attempt in Key West. The bombing in Boston, and many other attacks. Radical Islam in entrenched in our criminal justice system. The workplace violence as it was described, the perpetrator converted while in prison. This is a real and dangerous problem we are facing. In 1993 when the World Trade center was bombed and 9/11 when it was taken down by radical Islamic extremists.

I’m with Col. Peters on dealing with these radical Islamic extremists. We need to kill them, keep killing them until they are all dead and then kill their pet goat. All Muslims might not be terrorists, but 99% of terrorists have been Muslim. This political correctness coming out of this administration is just showing these radicals weakness. From this administration cutting human intel, pulling out of Iraq, downsizing the military, tightened up the rules of engagement and restricting what the military does all shows weakness. From statements made from some of these radical leaders. They have said they have the U.S. o the run. They see all of this as a victory and spread propaganda that it’s a victory. Statements made by Iranian leadership eluding to getting everything they wanted is claiming victory. We’ve seen this every time we have downsized the military and human intelligence. Peace through superior fire power works.

Too bad many don’t have the stomach to eradicate this cancer off the face of the earth. Even in the International community, they are afraid to offend because of retaliation. This may work for civilized nations, but not for the savage theological maniacs we are dealing with. This Iranian deal is only going to make it much worse when military intervention takes place. It isn’t a matter of if, it’s when. I said years before we ran Iraq out of Kuwait, someday we would be going into the middle east to kick ass. I think most people knew it. Ever since I heard about planes being hijacked in the 1970’s, I knew some day we were going into the middle east. I knew as soon as containment no longer worked we would be sucked into war in the middle east. I think we were more worried about how crazy the predecessors would be if we did take out these tyrants in the late 60’s early 70’s. I mainly think this nuclear deal is only going to kick the can down the road a little further.

I hope people get their head out of their ass when it comes down to crunch time. When we do go in the next time I hope it’s to win instead of playing around playing whack-a-mole once more. We should have finished the job when Bush 41 went in instead of just driving Saddam out of Kuwait. I’ve also had the feeling once we did go into the middle east we would never get out.  The only way radical Islamic extremism is going to be under control is to decimate it to the point it can’t survive. That means using every tool at our disposal to eradicate it. Stop the funding and support, wipe out training camps, use sanctions and cripple countries and states who support and harbor terrorists. We’re headed for a major war, we are running out of options.

What is going to happen when Iran gets caught breaking the agreement? More sanctions? It took everyone to get on board to contain and enforce sanctions on Iran to begin with. It will take years to get back to this point. Iran is going to do whatever Iran  wants to do. This deal isn’t going to impact anything other than making it easier for them to accomplish getting nuclear weapons. It’s expediting the process not hindering it. Through many testimonies this agreements wasn’t about Iran changing their behavior, recognizing Israel as a state and leaving them alone to exist.

It’s going to get ugly over the next few years I do believe.


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