2016, Election, Presidential Candidates

Don’t let Republican Primaries Divide us!

Flat Out Unconstitutional

Republican Candidates If there is anything that liberals are better at than conservatives it’s uniting.  They are community organizers after all.  Liberals are group thinkers, whereas conservatives are individual thinkers.  Liberals are used to taking marching orders and doing as they’re told without even taking the time to wonder why.  The reason doesn’t necessarily matter to them, as long as they can be part of the group.  Belonging is very important to liberals. Democrats have 5 candidates running in their 2016 presidential primary, but really only have two who stand out, criminal Hillary Clinton who can’t even name a single one of her own accomplishments when asked, and admitted socialist Bernie Sanders.  Both candidates are obvious hazards to our nation, yet liberals will rally behind whichever one wins the Democratic nomination without a second thought about their previous allegiance to the other candidate during the primary.  It helps that many of them…

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