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Lots of Crazy Going On.

I have no idea where to start on all of this insaneness taking place these days. I’ve had a political chubby for a couple months now. It seems like everybody has lost their damn minds. Trump running around like a bull in a china shop just letting it all hang out. He has the left and right pissed off. He’s seemed to hit an emotional never with a lot of people being at the top of many polls. I think it’s hilarious how he has just come out and been brash and just lets it all hang out there.

I’m sure he has some sort of strategy going after issues that are always taboo like immigration. Going after the leadership on both sides. If anything good has come about it, he has people talking about everything. Where it will end up is too soon to tell. Trump has definitely whacked a hornets nest. Love him or hate him he has stirred things up. I’ve never been a fan of The Donald and I doubt I would ever vote for him. I might have to though if he comes down to the lessor of two evils. Especially if Hillary is nominated. I don’t have a pick yet for the candidate I’d like to see running. I like a handful of the republican candidates. Cruz, Jindhal, and Walker are probably my three favorites. For the rest of them I don’t really care for. Bush, Graham, Christie are off my list. Ptaki I don’t know much about yet. With the direction of the Democratic party is headed and has been heading for many years they just come across as a bunch of socialist fascist with their politically correct bullshit. I can’t see throwing away my vote on a Libertarian candidate, or another party.

I knew as soon as the Republican party had taken over the House and The Senate, and even before. McConnell and Boehner would be the respective leaders in the House and Senate, just the same old business as usual. I do appreciate what Cruz is and has been doing trying to expose the Washington cartel as he likes to call it. Nothing really new on that end of things. The beltway has been broken for eons. I do believe Cruz was right when he said the government has been of the lobbyist, for the lobbyists, and by the lobbyists for a very long time. And people are getting sick and tired of it. You see it all the time on social media. Washington doesn’t listen to the American people. DC runs amuck as usual. Money talks and bullshit walks in Washington. The only way to get these pricks to listen is with money, or make them think their seats are in jeopardy.

Imagine an entire list of scandals are surrounding the Clintons again. And it’s all right wing conspiracies just to derail Hillary because she’s a woman and Bill Clinton’s wife. I honestly cannot for the life of me to believe anyone can support or believe in them. They are dirty as the day is long and have become the Democrats darlings and have managed to stay insulated from any type of prosecution. The media is just as complicit covering and making excuses for them twisting everything around with semantics. Journalism died a long time ago and most have turned into lap dogs instead of watch dogs. About the only thing the left can do is start name calling and commit character assassination when any questions or debate come up about any subject. If you disagree with anything the left supports or champions you become a racist, sexist, homophobe, misogynist, or whatever-ist they can come up with.

Most of these so called journalists sites like Huff, Salon, Gawker, and many others lack integrity and are emotionally driven tabloid rags just out to spread shit. They don’t care about the truth or justice. If it feels emotionally right to them that is all they care about. They don’t investigate much or if any. They just run with anything that furthers their narratives. Especially with the black lives matter narrative, gun control, and a list of other false flag bullshit stories. They just run blindly with snippets of videos without researching facts. Even when facts do come out and stories are proven to be down right flat out lies the hand up don’t shoot narrative they still run with it. Thinking if they tell lies long enough it will become the truth.

Obama and this administration are going to end up with egg on their face at lest with this Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran isn’t going to change. They’ve wasted almost two years negotiating a bunch of shit. Iran is going to do whatever Iran wants to do. Any country is really. Many countries do not play well with others and not any amount of diplomacy is going to change that if they divide to do whatever. That was pretty much being the idea of having as much globalization we have. Having all of this globalization if anyone does something is going to affect all nations that have a considerable stake in the global economy. So we wouldn’t have another world war like WWII. So, the old adage of one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter really does hold truth in a lot of ways. Many people still believe and support Che Guevara as a freedom fighter. Even though many of these people that do support him would probably be exterminated by him.

All this political correctness and talk about diversity, and hyphenated American bullshit is only manufactured to produce division. Nothing more, or nothing less, it has nothing to do with unity. Because it puts too much emphasis on people’s differences instead of people’s commonalities. Patriotism has become a dirty word in certain circles in America. Mostly coming from the left, how dare you be patriotic? Because if you do you support patriotism in America you also support white supremacy, white privilege, and every contrived evil about America. Revisionists have ruined and rewritten history and want to abolish anything to do with any ill thing that has happened. There isn’t a country, culture, or ethnicity that hasn’t had any wrong doing in their history. And I can’t think of any group, culture, religion, or ethnicity that hasn’t been screwed over. As John Wayne said, life is hard, it’s even harder when you’re stupid.


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