Gun Control: It’s all unconstitutional

Flat Out Unconstitutional

The left wing and its media will never let a crisis go to waste!  The easiest way for those who want power to gain it is to scare you into giving it to them willfully.  There is no reason to use force to control you if you volunteer to be enslaved.  With the bully pulpit of the entire main stream media at their finger tips, the left depicts an America where we have to live in constant fear. They bully dissenting voices into towing their party line.  Political correctness keeps the dissenters in line for fear of being called names like right wing radicals.  We’ve come to a point where the Constitution of the United States is considered right wing radicalism.  Freedom is radical.  Liberty is insanity!  We are called names by the very people who fit those names, yet those of us on the right are always cowered into…

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