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Have We Been In The Twilight Zone?

I don’t know about you, but the past couple of weeks have been chaotic all across politics and the news. It feels like we’ve been in the twilight zone. Some lunatic shoots up a church and kills 9 people. Everybody goes apeshit over the Confederate battle flag. Obamacare became Scotuscare and same sex marriage is possible now.

We haven’t heard much about the half a dozen churches getting burn down over the past couple of weeks. The Donald has been getting off the hook being as blunt as a ball bat talking about immigration. I think he really oversimplified the issue and could have used a little more finesse. It is kind of refreshing to hear somebody just put it out there without all the PC bullshit. Look at him, he doesn’t need the money, he’s paying for his own campaign. standing NBC and Univision on their ears. I’m laughing my ass off over this shit. NBC an Univision canceling the beauty pageant stuff. And to top it off, Trump is like, you don’t like what I said Fuck you. I might for vote for him just to watch the shit fly if he did get elected. I’d love to see him go at it with congress. At least if it caused more gridlock nothing would get done. I’d rather have gridlock than bad legislation. And we wouldn’t have to worry about any new laws or regs. I don’t know, maybe he could negotiate between the cronies and lackeys’ in Washington.

The Dannemora escape was exciting, having a couple killers on the loose for three weeks. One killed and the other shot and taken back into custody. Employees and guards helping them get contraband and other favors by snitching. This situation is going to get ugly with the problems at the prison going on. I am glad nobody out in the general public were hurt. It was getting interesting how long these guys were able to stay out of site and on the run. Seems kind of fishy they were at cabins where some of the prison guards owned, or rented them. It will be interesting to find out how all of this plays out. Did one of the guards leave supplies at the cabins?

The shooting in Charleston at the AME church was horrific to say the least. It’s terrible 9 people were killed and the chaos that ensued concerning the Confederate Battle Flag. It wasn’t about flag, it wasn’t about guns, it was about a sick and twisted monster doing an evil act. There were many laws broken if Roof was able to purchase a firearm legally. After being arrested for felony drug charges in Feb. and purchasing a weapon in April, he was disqualified to purchase a weapon. The background check failed for some reason because he wasn’t flagged in the system. So, you can hang that on the state or feds for dropping the ball. With him going and attempting buying a weapon with a pending felony arrest he broke numerous laws there too. Just by him going into a firearms dealer, looking at and handling weapons with the intent to buy one. He was looking at serious time there. If the background check would have caught him like it should have. He could have been prosecuted and done time.

If his father had bought it and given it to him as a birthday present like has been mentioned. Roof and his father could have been prosecuted for breaking the straw man purchase, and roof himself could have been prosecuted for having a gun under disability. In either instance, if someone would have called the cops and reported him for his actions and he recently bought, or was given a gun, maybe this tragedy could have been avoided. Hindsight is 20/20 now, but maybe he could have been stopped if the cops were called, seen his felony arrest and in possession of a gun they could have popped him.

If his father did buy the gun for him he should be prosecuted for a straw man purchase if he knew about his son’s felony arrest. Most likely if someone would have called the cops. The cops would have probably said we can’t do anything until he follows through with his request. Either way I’ve described this, gun control laws failed to do anything to prevent this tragedy.

Another recent instance gun control laws failed was with Carol Bowne in New Jersey.  She was having serious problems with her ex and she applied for a gun permit to buy a gun because she no longer felt safe. Eitel, her boyfriend hand previous assault charges and weapons charges, and had done time. To make a long story short he stabbed her to death before she was able to get her weapons permit because of the time frame it was taking to get her permit. She had even contacted the authorities to expedite the process. They tried to get it through, but it was too late. I believe if she would have had her permit and was able to get her weapon, she could have at least defended herself.

You hear all kinds of excuses why gun control laws do not work. Rahm Emanuel blames it on surrounding states don’t have strong enough gun control laws. All of these major cities that have gun control have the worse gun violence records. It’s not the guns, it’s what is going on in these communities. People getting caught under disability with an illegal firearm aren’t getting punished. Gang violence, drugs, break down of the family unit. Kids growing up without proper mentoring and guidance. That is where the problem is. There is almost total disregard for life, somebody disrespects someone they want to kill. Criminals don’t obey the law anyway. So, to have people follow the rules of the street it gets violent. They rule by fear of getting the shit kicked out them, or getting killed. Many innocent and good people live in these areas trapped and scared of retribution if they do cooperate with cops. Many people in theses areas don’t like cops, the cops are the enemy. The cops are the enemy because criminals want to do whatever they want to do. Whether it’s selling drugs, running protection, gambling, prostitution, you name it.

Cops are aggressive in these areas because it’s almost a war zone. When something does happen hardly anyone cooperates  with the police because snitches end up in ditches. So it becomes a big vicious circle. And that is when the Michael Browns’ and Freddie Grays’ happen. Same with Garner, if he would have just said fuck it, cuff me, take me in, I want my lawyer. He would probably be alive today. These guys knew the program and had run in’s with the cops before. It sucks and is a shame these people lost their lives over stupid shit. As it’s looking now, Mosby’s case may be falling apart. Her actions haven’t helped the situation either.

To be fair there are abuses and injustices within the criminal justice system. Everything from bad and over zealous cops, and prosecutors. Judges, the prison system, it’s out of control everywhere. Prosecutors, and judges are elected to deal with crime, and many times it’s measured by their conviction rates. So deals are made to close cases and rack up wins. Justice gets lost in the shuffle many times. Innocent people do go to jail, and it is often an uphill battle if new evidence shows up to clear people. I hate hearing about people being in jail for years and being cleared by DNA or something. And then hearing denials to hear the new evidence. It often sounds like the case is closed and we don’t care, because the justice system doesn’t want to admit when they are wrong. Some of that is because they are afraid other cases they’ve had convictions on will be examined and overturned. We should be more focused on justice instead of being worried about just closing cases.

This same sex marriage fiasco is something else too. For me, I could really care less if gays marry or not. After looking back and seeing how gays have been treated, and other laws that have been created, they have been discriminated against. Some of the early beginnings of it started with laws making it illegal to have interacial marriages. Then we had anti cohabitation laws. Unwed couples couldn’t adopt, gay people weren’t allowed to have rights to their biological children. Sodomy laws which included oral sex. We used to think homosexuality was an illness. As gay people became viewed as a class of people, and in some instances being considered a pariah. Yeah, I can see were some constitutionality plays a part with all men being created equal and having laws applied equally. I don’t really care about polygamy either. Those things are moral issues. And I don’t think the government should be involved in marriage at all, period. People are worried about homosexual couples having children because they’ll get screwed up, abused, and all kinds of other things. How’s that working out for all the abused, molested, and neglected kids by heterosexual couples who go through children’s protective services?

Since many states have passed laws and amended their states constitutions that marriage is between one man and one woman. And SCOTUS decided that inhibited rights and liberties of others. Why couldn’t civil unions be applied to allow others to have the same rights and benefits under the law as everyone one else? Will this apply to single people now that some laws enjoyed by married people benefit from and single people do not? I have a feeling this SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage is only going to open up a big can of worms like Roe vs. Wade has done. What are other issues that are going to come about withe this ruling? Are restrictive gun control laws going to be challenged because of this decision? I’m already seeing chants about that. Polygamy has come up too, It should be interesting. States are already moving to have open carry and not requiring permits to carry. States are legislating laws to go against any restrictive federal laws pertaining to the second amendment. We should have the right to protect ourselves, property, and families from criminals and a tyrannical government. The police can’t be everywhere to protect us. Criminals do tend to pick on the helpless and weak, they go after easy targets.

The bickering and fighting about the Confederate battle flag is just another diversion in my opinion. The Civil War and the flag is a very complicated issue to begin with. There has been a lot of revisionism about the history of the war and the flag. To me the flag shouldn’t be buried away like so much of the bad history all over the world has been buried. I’m pretty sure I have ancestors who have fought on both sides of that flag. I also have Native American ancestry, so I can relate to all of this racial shit. Do we do away with Old Glory too since white supremacists used it too? Most of the bullshit I see on social media is hypocrisy, nothing more, nothing less. And it is coming from all sides. Whether or not the recent SCOTUS rulings are constitutional or not who the fuck knows with what the pundits and media put out. You have differing opinions by experts whether or not it’s constitutional. The way I look at it, if you don’t like guns, don’t by one. If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t participate in one. And people need to realize don’t tread on other’s rights because of these issues either. Bakeries, clergies, and other people shouldn’t be punished for standing try to their beliefs. Photographers and bakers shouldn’t be made to take pictures, or bake cakes for something they are morally or ethically feel at odds with. Fuck it, move on and find someone else to bake you a cake or take pictures. I’ve missed out on jobs because of affirmative action because a couple of companies I applied for had to meet quotas on jobs concerning minorities. Those jobs stayed open until they met the quotas too. Is shit like that fair?

The blame can go on congress and who we elect to represent us, along with a legislative court. They have failed us in so many ways. Instead of the usual quid quo pro politics in D.C. they should have vetted and confirmed better people instead of playing partisan politics and confirming people who are not properly qualified. I know exactly why Cruz wants a retention election for SCOTUS, out of the 22 or so states who do have retention elections for judges, they lean more conservative. One more step towards a democracy instead of a Republic if that happens. They shouldn’t lean left or right. The checks and balances we have in place have been ignored or not used properly. So i guess the blame rests on We the People for becoming complacent and not being active enough in our government.

Our government was constructed for us to be able to become who ever the hell we wanted to be, Not to be oppressed by unnecessary laws and regulations. We are supposed to be able to have justice, and to pursue liberty, and have equal due process under the law. We really do need to get back to the Constitution and make sure we are free to do was we please.


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