metal detecting, rant

What a Bunch of Shit!

I was seriously thinking about getting back into metal detecting here lately. I’ve been kind of bored with the run of the mill shit in life and was trying to find a hobby that could be interesting. I find metal detecting interesting and sometimes exciting finding new and unusual relics of the past, or chunks of metal you have no idea what they are. Researching things to see what you have found if you don’t know what they are. Finding old coins, jewelry, buckles and buttons, bullets, and whatever is fun.

Metal detecting can be rewarding and fun, along with getting a little exercise is always a plus. I’ve been busy looking at some of the newer detectors with all the features and stuff they have on them now. They have some pretty cool shit now as far as detectors go.

Well, anyway, what chaps my ass is finding out what has been going on in the area over the past few years. Just about every public area one would have access to  do some metal detecting like local parks, schools, hiking trails, and so on. Are almost all prohibitive about using these areas using a metal detector.

I guess I can thank all the assholes that like to fuck shit up for everyone else. I called the local parks and rec. and they pretty much told me it was prohibited because of people digging shit up, not filling in their holes, destroying vegetation, and just being a nuisance.

Now if I decide to get a detector I’m pretty much stuck trying to go around and hit up people to detect on private property. Another problem with that is, just about everything around here with any historical meaning or relevance has been bulldozed. Not only has it bee bulldozed, most of the land of any significance has a fucking mini mall and/or shopping center, gas station, or some other fucking building and parking lot. Then, as I spoke with a couple of “officials” about metal detecting. They had the nerve to talk about “archeological preservation” after these cocksuckers on city council allowed to have all of these fucking mini malls and restaurants built on land where our founders put down roots that may have had any historical significance. How can you have archeological preservation if artifacts are buried under a fucking McDonalds or a God Damn shopping center? After I heard that come across the phone about archaeological preservation I asked the dude on the other end of the phone if he was fucking retarded? He must not have liked that question, he promptly ended the phone call.

I even found a list of the different surrounding counties and many cities around here that have banned metal detecting all together as well. Some of the few I have found that allow detecting are very restrictive by just allowing surface finds, no digging except in beach areas during the off swimming season for a few months. Which is limited to just a couple months unless you want to go dig on a frozen snow cover beach.

It’s a bunch of shit, there seems to be so many fucking ordinances, laws, and regulations anymore. I don’t think there is a day that goes by we don’t break some sort of chicken shit ordinance.

So, thanks to all the inbred motherfuckers who bought a metal detector and fucked it up for the rest of us who are responsible enough to fill in our holes, clean up our trash, or don’t really leave any trace we were ever there.


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