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Banning Ammo

This stuff is insane. Now that they haven’t had any success banning weapons and magazines and such. Now they want to ban ammo. I thought it was kind of ignorant some retailers chose not to sell certain ammo that is popular for handguns such as 9mm. Hey, that’s fine they are a company and do what they wish as far as that goes.

I’m glad the ATF did what they did backing off. I saw a response  from the ATF on their website saying something about what was published concerning armored piercing rounds being a typo or misprint.

It just seems to me like they are trying to come in the back door concerning gun control. Since they get ban guns they are going to try to ban ammo. Certain types of armor piercing ammo is color coded for whatever purpose and type it is and is still unavailable for consumption by the public. That’s fine, I don’t care about that.

What I do have a problem with is the left trying to push gun control anyway they can even though the Supreme Court has made numerous decisions that we have he right to keep and bear arms. From what I have read concerning this from the founding fathers these rights were important to fight tyranny whether it be foreign or domestic. Back then it was also an important right to put food on the table and to protect you and your family and property.

The biggest problem I see is the lack of enforcing the laws we already have on the books. There are plenty of statistics that show areas who have the least amount of gun control laws and have concealed carry have had a positive impact on crimes. The major cities and “gun free zones” have a lot more crimes.

Many places where criminals are caught under disability with a firearm get slapped on the wrist and let go. Why are judges handing out chicken shit sentences to felons who get caught with firearms, especially the ones with violent histories?

It would be pretty safe to say our enemies have thought twice about coming to our shores and attacks us I don’t remember which Japanese leader during WWII made the comment about there being a gun behind every blade of grass if they invaded the US but, you kind of get the point. Maybe that’s part of the reason some people and government officials are worried about Americans with so many firearms? Maybe that is part of the reason Obama is so adamant about the language he uses concerning terrorists.

I see plenty of feedback on social media Americans are getting fed up with the situation as a whole. Is another major attack in the works? What would happen if another 9/11 attack would happen? Are Americans going to say enough is enough and turn into vigilantes and start taking out Muslims? What kind of powder keg are we sitting on here and abroad.

It’s not looking good with ISIS gaining ground and continues to grow. The administration saying they are the JV team and we see just the opposite. Mostly what I see is a major struggle between the terrorist groups to see which one is in control. They are working together to some degree for their agenda.

All the issues concerning Iran with nukes and more than likely being the main source for ISIS since their government supports and encourages them, more than likely providing training weapons, supporting, and financing ISIS. Their mission is to do whatever they can to destroy the western world. They want the entire world to be under their twisted version of Islam and tyrannical Sharia law. In my opinion they are like an infestation of cockroaches and just needs to be exterminated. People may not want to believe this is a religious war but, it is to them. All I see ISIS being is an evil theocracy. I don’t really care what they claim what religion it is. They claim to be Islam. Not really much difference in other groups using other any other religion to purport their agenda under the guise of religion.

They need taken care of with extreme prejudice. Isis is a danger to any and every country on the planet. If your under the impression diplomacy, using certain semantics to appease them, and wasting time claiming they are victims and we need to be more aware of their sensitivities. You are ignorant, in denial, or just plain delusional.


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