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Community Outreach?

I can’t believe Obama’s comments talking about community outreach and working on poverty to help curb radical terrorism. I think Obama is just plain delusional. What we are dealing with when it comes to ISIS is that it’s a theocracy. As perverted as it is they have hijacked Islam. I know I’m getting tied of the fight and argument over semantics and Obama and his administration refusing to state that what we are facing is the perversion of a religion and saying what it is.

I don’t really give a shit if it is technically Islam or not. What does matter is the radicals are claiming it is Islamic. I get the message Obama is trying to make that many people and groups have participated in barbaric actions claiming it to be (insert religion here).

These savages are killing Muslims, Christians, jews,raping and killing women, homosexuals, selling people into slavery. Beheadings, burning people alive, reports of them harvesting organs of their victims. If you watch some of these videos, many of them show them taking somebody into an intersection. Or in some public area and killing people and leaving them there for people to see. These tactics are pure and simple. Conform or die like these other infidels have. Their message is pretty clear as well. They want to take over the world with comments and messages sent out stating to be in the White House with their flag flying over it. Attacks all over the world carried out associated and claiming to be Islamic doctrine.

I don’t understand such attempts and urgency for the political correctness. Most of the semantics coming out of this administration’s avoidance of what we are dealing with. I doubt seriously this has  anything to do with poverty. Obama’s comments on oppression didn’t make much sense either. Wherever this extremism and terrorism is originating is coming from oppressive governments and regimes. Is Obama planning on taking out these oppressive regimes, governments, or dictators?

It just sounds like Obama is trying to appease or placate reducing to talk about this being radical Islamic extremism. What is worried about? Is he worried about Muslims being targeted? Is their something going on we do not know about? Like, another attack taking place on our soil? Using semantics to try and keep the situation from boiling over? Obama’s childhood was steeped in Islam. His mother was an activist and anthropologist who was very secular. Sounded like she was very liberal in hr mindset from account I have read.

Being around Frank Marshall Davis and heavily influenced by him. Being around Ayers and Dohrn, Rev. Wright, being influenced by these people and his history of following people who are commonly known as being socialist, Marxist, and communist. I don’t think Obama loves the America and it’s founding. I think he truly wants to change into what his vision of America is. His policies and statements commonly are socialistic and communistic in nature. I think his is also a secularist.

Just about everything he has been saying has just came across as defending Islam. And the tone almost condones what is going on. Like talking about the Crusades, not mentioning the twenty some odd Christians beheaded. Saying we are not at war with Islam. Yes, we do need to have religious tolerance. It is really hard to refute that terrorism isn’t connected Islam.

Why isn’t Obama stating this is radical Islam? Why isn’t he encouraging Muslims to condemn and help reform this ideology among Muslims? There are some very good questions out there. What about the Kosher deli attack just being called a random act of violence? Why are things being blown off as work place violence at Fort Hood? Now they are reporting Hasan was in contact with Al-Qaeda. Was it lone wolf? Islamic extremists have said they were going to add lone wolf attacks in their arsenal.

Sometimes I wonder if Obama lives on another planet and just comes back to visit. He does come across as being very out of touch with everything. With a lot of the rhetoric, claiming Yemen was a success, Libya was supposed to be a great success? ISIS growing in numbers from being from 30 to 50 thousand strong now. The JV team comments, Harf talking about poverty and other nonsense about providing community outreach and dealing with poverty. They need better jobs and blah, blah, blah.

All I think  this administration is doing is piping smoke up our ass more so than other administrations have done before. Kerry going to France for a hug and having James Taylor sing. Lets all just sit around a campfire singing Kumbaya, getting in touch with our feelings, and love the Jihadis. After we give them some love and let them see how friendly and sympathetic and sensitive we are of their needs. We’ll all be friends and have a big love in.

It sounds like to me we just have a bunch of fucking delusional hippies in charge. It’s hard to believe and trust what this administration says when they contradict just about everything that has been reported based on facts. If Libya was such a success why did Benghazi happen? If Yemen was such a success, why did Yemen fall under ISIS control? If there isn’t a problem why has ISIS grown to over 30,000 now?

I wonder why Obama hasn’t tried to unite everyone no matter what faith exposing the hijacking and perversion of Islam if ISIS isn’t Islam? Is Obama worried about looking too much like Bush? Is he too narcissistic to admit he’s made a mistake? I don’t agree with this approach at all. I can see what he’s trying to do by trying to use less offensive language. Trying diplomacy, and trying to reach out and show them we want to work out a deal. I don’t think it’s going to work. The mentality of these extremists doesn’t include Obama’s reasoning. They are out to kill and eradicate everything about the western culture. They want their perverted ideology worldwide. Their message is pretty much conform or die. They are killing people from different religions, cultures, men, women, and children for all kinds of barbaric reasons. This is a global problem and just not about racial or religious discrimination and oppression.

I’d have a problem with any religious group that would go out and plan and commit terrorist attacks. We just have a serious problem with radical violent extremists who happen to be claiming affiliation to Islam. I’d have the same view if it were people claiming to be Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, or whatever religion committing acts of terrorism. My feeling and attitude would be the same to eradicate them by any means necessary.

I don’t care what religion you practice or, if you practice any religion at all and are atheist. Just as long as it is practiced in peace and doesn’t interfere with others rights to practice or not practice what they want. When an ideology becomes a problem such as radical Islamic extremism it needs eradicated. This isn’t much different with the atrocities that are taking place when Nazism was a scourge on the planet. History seems to be repeating itself on all levels. I want the world to be a better place, I’m sure everyone does and has different views about going about it. I would love to see every country in the world experience the and have the opportunities, freedoms, and benefits we as Americans have had privilege to experience. Even with all our problems and social ills. It would be safe to say this is still the best country to be in.

It’s because of our founding fathers and the Constitution. Our Constitution should be held up as a beacon of light for everyone in the world so they could follow in our path. Everyone around the world should have access to education so they could advance and follow their dreams. To be able to be employed or take the opportunity start a business and have the means to support themselves and family. To have the ability for the pursuit of life, liberty, and freedom to exercise their inalienable rights we are intended to have. Until oppressive dictators and governments are eradicated that will never happen.

We are dealing with evil, I don’t care what you call it really. If it has to be defined as just radical violent extremism fine. It needs eradicated by any means necessary.


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