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Obama and The National Prayer Breakfast

I found President Obama’s remarks and comments interesting at the National Prayer Breakfast. I’ve seen a bunch of comments ridiculing him on what he had said. It doesn’t make much sense to me why he made the comments about the Crusades. I guess the point he was trying to make is that all through history religion has played a major role concerning wars and conflicts. In many ways this is true. What does making this point do with the price of rice in China? Going over a bunch of info on the Crusades I’ve found. I get the general consensus that the Crusades started mainly over Islamic aggression. The more I dig around about different conflicts and wars Islam has been the center of attention. Not much different than the aggression today with ISIS or ISIL continually growing and gaining control over more territory. It comes across to me they are trying to form or to replicate and establish the Caliphate of old. If I understand this concept accurately this is their mission. To get a Caliphate together, conquer the world, and spread their radical ideals of Islam everywhere. And everyone who doesn’t commit and conform to their ideology are going to end up taking a dirt nap one way or another.

Why doesn’t Obama call this what it is? What has the terminology change from radical Islamic extremists to violent extremists, or violent insurgents? Why is this administration splitting hairs about the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other groups being designated terrorist organizations? Is Obama afraid to look like Bush? What is the agenda about being so careful with the language as to not to offend? Are they afraid if using what some would call offensive language going to incite more recruitment to ISIS? Do they really believe being politically correct, compassionate, and sympathetic to these savages is going to be beneficial?

Watching different stories coming out about the reactions of other leaders around the world, they seem to be at a loss of some sort. Most of the issues seem to revolve around Obama’s actions and his constantly changing semantics and inconsistencies. Where does he really stand? This whole problem seems to revolve around the holy lands and who has control of them. Even being involved in Iraq has a lot of controversy surrounding our involvement there. I keep hearing and seeing stuff that it has been twisted into Iraq being responsible for 9/11. I don’t doubt Saddam was supporting terrorist groups financially or otherwise. I always was under the impression the biggest reason we went into Iraq was over Iraq not adhering and thumbing their nose at the U.N conditions and sanctions concerning the WMD and nuclear weapons programs. Not letting inspectors in, trying to push deadlines over and over which, is another argument altogether. With that fiasco we found out countries were selling Saddam military equipment, arms , and other stuff they weren’t supposed to under these sanctions. France, Russia and Germany mostly were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

I get the impression other world leaders can’t or won’t step up to the plate and lead either without having the United State being in the lead. Statements about being strategically patient hasn’t really given anyone any comfort or direction. How would you even begin to describe being strategically patient? All I’ve seen from coming about with this administrations comments, including Susan Rice and John Kerry is they are projecting weakness. I’m sure all it is doing is empowering our enemies.

I get the impression Obama doesn’t really have a plan. Is diplomacy his plan? Pulling troops out, and making statements about closing Gitmo. Trading 5 terrorists for one most likely a deserter, coming to the end of participation in different parts of the region. Not making a deal to keep enough residual troops, personnel, and equipment is only empowering our enemies. I bet ISIS is having a hay day with the propaganda they have the west on the run and have been victorious against the infidels. I’m afraid this is all going to get worse before it gets better because of being reactionary instead of being proactive.

I can see why our allies in Europe are a little hesitant about doing anything, they are a lot closer to these savages than we are. Many civilized people don’t really have the stomach to probably do what it is going to take to get rid of the problem. ISIS is no doubt in my mind is an evil theocracy. Burning people alive, beheadings, all sorts of barbaric punishments, mutilations for different offenses, and throwing homosexuals off of buildings, and stoning women to death for infidelity after being victims of rape. Children being sold into slavery, or used as sexual slaves, and god knows what?

What really upset me about the comments Obama made about the Crusades and the atrocities performed under the guise of different religions made it sound like it was okay and justified for ISIS to do what they are doing. For me anyway, it doesn’t look much different to what was happening during WWII and what Nazis were up to. A radical ideology gaining ground and many innocent people are in the middle of it. It doesn’t seem to matter who ISIS goes after. They are killing and torturing whomever doesn’t fit their mold. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, man, woman, or child.

We have been dealing with basically the same exact problem for thousands of years. Until technology and ease of getting information around the world. It has been a possibility to some degree to contain this radical ideology contained in the region. Most everything I can remember that has revolved around terrorism from Embassies getting bombed, planes being hijacked and bombed. To the most recent stuff going on like Charlie Hebdo attacked has been directly related to radical Islam.

Reports and videos have surfaced children are being encouraged and have taken part of carrying out beheadings and other punishments. It was interesting watching one of the stories and they were talking about the children and showed a few pictures of the future members of ISIS. I don’t remember what show it was on. Now, that we have been in this war 15 years made me think about the possible ISIS members who may have been young children 15 years ago. That could very well be in their early twenties or , of what would be considered military age. We are definitely facing a relentless enemy. I don’t doubt for one second they will do anything they see fit to accomplish what they set out to do. I believe westerners are going to have to come to grips this isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s not going to be solved in 10, 15, or 20 years. I believe it’s going to be a generational problem for many generations. It has already in some ways. There is going to have to be a way to stop the indoctrination from birth of these radical ideas. How that is going to be accomplished, who knows? Until then what are the options?

All avenues should be used to take care of the problem to keep the civilized world safe. Diplomacy, sanctions, and brute force. I have a felling the brute force is going to come into play more so than diplomatic avenues. They’ll need rooted out like a rat infestation. The current airstrikes and pussy footing around hasn’t seemed to do much. Reports are ISIS is still growing.

At some International level it is going to have to be dealt with. A coalition if will I do believe is going to have to convene. Identify the problem, and come together and take them out. Hell, even the possibility of splitting up the region similar to how Germany was taken care of after WWII may have to be done. Having International control until countries could put together stable governments that could handle radical insurgents. Who knows? It’s a big goat fuck without a simple solution.

My take on it would be to take a stand against ISIS, call it what it is. Whether or not it is Islam or not, ISIS claims it is Islam. The only one who really differs on that opinion is Obama. If it pisses of moderate Muslims oh well. Get pissed off and take religion back and make it peaceful as it is claimed to be. Get rid of these radical leaders hijacking Islam.

There needs to a concerted effort by the International community to put sanctions on countries who harbor, finance and support terrorist. Human intel on the ground to find terrorist cells and training encampments. Take those out through any military means necessary. Gives these countries notice the coalition forces are coming to take cells and training camps out. If they get in the way take them out too. Do airstrikes and put boots on the ground where necessary. Keep forces in place until they can root out and destroy any an all opposition. If they keep talking about it being a war, make it war, and fight to win.

I do believe Obama and his administration foreign policy have made things worse instead of better. I also believe with his actions or, lack of has also damaged our relations with important allies like Israel leaving them vulnerable as well. Because Obama coming across as being weak and they know he won’t do anything.


2 thoughts on “Obama and The National Prayer Breakfast

  1. Perhaps one of the concepts you are struggling with, like Obama and much of the world, is that one can’t be a religious criminal. If you go around bombing, killing and kidnapping, you have revoked any right to be considered religious. It doesn’t matter if you SAY you are defending your religion by murdering, because NO religion condones it. It’s a mask worn by bandits to obscure identification and capture, and a pretty good disguise considering how many people get sidetracked by the deceit. Folks are still stuck in the mistaken idea that religion causes this sort of behavior, when the causes are things like poverty, ignorance and isolation.

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  2. John Sowemimo says:

    All the negative reactions to the speech ironically validates Obama’s main thrust – lack of religious humility, and doubts. I tell you the point of referencing the Crusades – it highlights that inversion religious beliefs is the sanctum of babaric fundamentalists as happened during the Crusade and its latter day manifestation -ISIS. The fundamental problem is that an incisive causation and context is done by an unsually clever politician and wood head like you are beholden to binary arguments – you either with us or you are not. Many of those people unable to grasp the thrust of Obama’s nuanced analysis have similar certainty and arrogance that are foundational to religious extremists. And the less said about your moronic rantings as viable solutions to ISIS just confirms that ‘Stupid is as Stupid does’.


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