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Buy American

It pains me to see how difficult it is to find American Made products anymore. I go to stores and buy clothes and most of what find isn’t even made here. I want products made here not from China, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Jackassistan, or some other country I can hardly pronounce. I was looking for jeans made in the good Ole’ U.S. of A in stores, all I found were jeans made everywhere but here. So I hopped on the internet and found some made in the U.S. Texas Jeans. They’re awesome I love them. Paid about 18 bucks a pair for them. Just about half of what I used to pay for Levis. I’ve worn Levis ever since I can remember. Not anymore, I’ll be buying Texas Jeans from now on. Mainly because they are made in the USA, the other is the quality. Texas Jeans are better quality all the way around. The fit is a lot more consistent, the denim seems to be a lot better quality. They are really nice jeans, if you need some new jeans I would highly recommend Texas Jeans, check them out.

Another thing that pisses me off is that I order shirts from the NRA. Guess what? The shirts were made everywhere but the United States. Needless to say, I sent the NRA a nasty little email stating they were an American organization and I expected to be buying American products when I order from them. I’m a lifetime member and I expect American made products.

I do the best I can to buy local stuff, supporting the mom and pop places of business. I avoid Walmart like the fucking plaque, I hate Walmart. Ever since they’ve moved in a lo of empty store fronts are siting empty around here. Can’t swing a dead fucking cat without hitting a fucking Walmart. I go to the local meat market and butcher. Believe it or not I get better quality meat and pretty damn good prices compared to the chain store around here. I go to the local produce market to getting green leafy stuff. Same thing there, I get mostly local produce and/or at least produce grown in the States. The meat market I go to grow a raises a majority of the tasty animals parts they offer for consumption.

The few actual grocery stores I do go to to get things the other stores don’t carry I go to ones that are based in our region or locally owned. I used to go to chain stores like Walmart for the convenience until I got to thinking. These stores might give a few local people jobs but, most of the money spent goes somewhere else. Most of the money I spend stays here in my community. And going to these local businesses I get better service, made new friends along the way, and keep my money spent close to home helping my friends and their families.  Also helping local farms and other businesses that are used buy the local businesses I patronize. I would much rather do that than help a bigger corporation where the money heads out of state or out of the country.

Another thing I can’t stand is using those automated self check out things in stores. All that means to me using those is putting someone out of a cashiers job. If stores mostly go to those they will only need to have a couple people to monitor the transactions. Bullshit, I want to deal with a person when I go through the checkout line not a machine.

We have gotten a way from a lot of thing due to convenience. We go to stores that carry a little bit of everything. Groceries electronics, movies, clothes, shoes, and whatever else. Many times you really don’t save any money shopping at these places. I did some research and found out I actually save quite a bit of money by shopping local instead of a major chain like Walmart.

I just look at it as taking care of my own in a small way by shopping local and using small locally owned businesses to help out my community. I’d much rather do that instead of helping out some corporate giant. We have a serious problem with trade deficits, unemployment problem, the economy is still in the toilet. So why not buy American and help local people and people in your state and region?


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