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Islamic Terrorists Or Armed Insurgents That Is The Question

I’ve been racking my brain lately about why the White House is so adamantly opposed to call Islamic extremist or groups terrorists organizations. For the most part we’ve been lead to believe that these different groups all have been terrorist organizations. I didn’t think we made deals with terrorist organizations. Here comes a twist. I was watching the Kelly File and she had this dude on named Rear Admiral John Kirby who’s the Pentagon Spokesperson. He was talking about the Taliban  not being listed as a terrorist organization. Megan brought up the Executive Order Bush had written stating the Taliban being a terrorist organization.

So, I guess this Berghdal character was held captive by Taliban. I feel kind of stupid that I didn’t connect the dots earlier until Kirby said the Pentagon views the Taliban as an armed insurgency, and the State Department has them listed as such. I would like to know why they aren’t listed as terrorist organization? What is Obama up to? What importance does this have concerning the language he is using or, refusing to used when it comes to who he calls terrorists or, the groups he calls terrorist organizations or doesn’t call terrorist. Why is ISIL considered a terrorist organization and Al-Qaeda but, the Taliban isn’t?

Was Berghdal a reason to not have the Taliban listed as a terrorist organization by the State Department so we could make deals with the Taliban? What connects these 5 Jihadis getting released to whatever deals are being made? What other deals does Obama have with the Taliban for them not to be listed as a terrorist organization?

From what I’ve been hearing from a lot of experts in this area it sounds like they are trying to form a caliphate. They’ve also stated even though there are a lot of different groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and however many radical groups there are. Are working together even though they are separate groups to make the caliphate happen. Or, will work together and band resources together for an attack or something too, even though these different groups often fight and have differences amongst each other.

General Jack Keane had some interesting comments saying Kirby was just supporting bad policy because it’s his job. Is this just part of Obama’s plan to close Gitmo? Is he just emptying Gitmo because Congress wouldn’t close it? It’s crazy we have two list for terrorist organizations. Why? The Taliban is on the Treasuries Global Terrorists but, they are not on the State Departments list?

What the hell is Obama up to?


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