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Benghazi Hearing

I cannot believe what I seen unfold in the latest Benghazi Hearing on January 27, 2015. Click the link to watch the hearing. I found it completely disgusting and childish on the part of the democrats on the committee. Constantly whining and complaining about stuff like voting on what subpoenas send out, arguing for two days about how long people should get to speak. Just wanting to rely on other reports and findings concerning the Benghazi attacks.

All ruins spoke about was about a bunch of garbage and skirting the questions that could have been very easily answered yes or no. Instead he would go off on these lengthy explanations about the cooperation and needing to know priorities over every little detail the committee was making for concerning information, interviews, and documents. All it sounded like to me he was stonewalling things. Bringing up issues the DOJ had concerning interview people involved. Discussion would have to be made with the DOJ to set that up. FOIA requests being answered un-redacted being delivered before the committee had the same information redacted.

Why would you want to vote on whether or not to send subpoenas out? Out of those forty thousand pages of documents it was brought up that new information and documents have been received that has never been reviewed. Why are the democrats on the current Benghazi Committee so hell bent for election to be so reluctant to do an investigation? We still don’t have answers about Benghazi. How much has this had to do with the elections going on at the time? Obama claimed Libya was a great success after taking Ghadaffi out. Taking Ghadaffi out and only left a big void allowing the different factions to fight it out to see who was going to control the government. Everything escalated there were more car bombings and other attacks as the media reported. Ambassador Stevens was move to the compound because of car bombings at the hotel he was previously set up in.

What about the stand down orders from the guys on the ground saying they had to wait for a half an hour before the went to protect the Benghazi Compound? Parent, Geist, and Tiegen adamantly express this is being suppressed and a lot of the information in the other Benghazi reports are being spun and are lies. Who was their commander on the ground telling them to stand down? Who was their commander speaking to on the phone at the time?

How, what, where, when, and how was the security teamed pulled when numerous requests over the past months priors to the attack ignored, or denied? Why didn’t the State Department or whomever was in control of the situation do an assessment to make sure security was at acceptable levels?

Was else was in play during this time? Are the arms dealing or gun running reports valid? Was there something similar to Fast and Furious or Iran Contra going on supplying arms and weapons going on?

Many people haven’t been interview, a subpoena that is a year and half old hasn’t been fulfilled yet. What are the demo afraid of? Who’s asses are they covering up for? We still don’t know how much involvement the White House had in this ordeal. Or how much their policies had in play with this unfolding. Was it a calculated chance to make it look like everything was a success as Obama claimed hoping an attack this happening killing four Americans?

Does this have anything to do with Hillary stepping down to get distance between her and the problem? How much of the State Departments role play in this as far as policy and decisions made to ignore and deny extra security and pulling the security team. Most of this seems to be aimed at Obama’s reelection and not wanting Libya and foreign policy harming his reelection.

What about Gregory Starr’s predecessor? Where did they go since all I heard him say was I couldn’t tell you I wasn’t hear at the time was the majority of the time, or just touting what they have done since. Why wasn’t the individual in Starr’s position prior wasn’t being interviewed instead of Starr since he couldn’t answer those questions?

The impression I’m getting from what I’ve seen during these two public hearing is a concerted effort to pet everything off and kick it down the road for as long as they can. It sound like documents provided haven’t been put into any organized format. Just handed over in disarray. Why haven’t all the reports and info handed over from the other committees and ARB? You would think most if not all of this information would have been in some sort of organized format to pretty much hand it over.

Out of the information universe of information how big is it? The committee is after all pertinent information concerning Benghazi. They have received forty thousand pages, is that a quarter of the info, half or three quarters? Rubin couldn’t even answer that. Is there 100,000 pages in this universe, or a million? I’m very disappointed about how this committee is moving forward. It was clear to me the democrats don’t want anything to do with this investigation or committee. They have been against it from the very start touting everything has been done and there is nothing more to look at. Claiming there is a conspiracy theory, or a hunt for a magical unicorn. I disagree, there are so many unanswered question to find out what happened and why it happened.

I don’t think it would have been too hard to listen to people on the ground requesting more security. How would this have turned out if more security and/or the security detail pulled? What would have happened if security was dispatch as soon as the attacks started instead of waiting?

Everyone on that committee should be on board and demand, subpoena, and do what ever they have to do to get the documents and testimony from everyone and everybody involved. Including the twenty two people who haven’t been interviewed. I think these other eight committees and investigations the demo are touting are partisan and one sided. It’s very disturbing to me these people are so reluctant to go ahead and do whatever they need to do to get to the bottom of it. It just makes me wonder what they are hiding and who’s ass they are covering? It sounds like me something isn’t very kosher and wrong doing, or the fear of wrong doing and illegal activity has taken place somewhere along the line. Why are they trying to shut this down if nothing wrong or illegal has taken place. If it is just policy or communication issues get to the bottom of it to expedite security decision in an expedient way instead of having this happen again.


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