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Journalism has been in the shitter more so than ever before. Most of what I have been hearing about is Michael Moore and Seth Rogen and how some of the other limo liberals in Hollywood have been bashing American Sniper. I’m all about patriotism and all but, really? Aren’t there just a little more important things to report on? Yemen falling into complete chaos and having ISIS or Al Qaeda taking over might be a little more important. What about digging around and rooting out corruption in D.C?

Why hasn’t any journalist focused in on Al Sharpton and bit him on the ass and developed lock jaw exposing all of his shenanigans? Why don’t they crucify him like they have with people like David Duke? Sharpton isn’t much different with his race baiting insightful rhetoric and vitriol. Is it because Sharpton happens to be black and a calls himself a Reverend? Look how they went after Scalice and painted him after finding out he may or may not have spoken to white supremacists. They called for him to step down from his position. Could you imagine what would happen and what would be said if Sharpton was a white conservative? Holy Hell would break loose to say the least. They’d dig back to before he was born to try and find dirt on him.

What happened to the stories about this administration going after a few journalists like James Rosen? Look how people went after Sharyl Atkisson for outing and bringing the truth forward. What about the lefts attempts to pass legislation that could have seriously had an impact on free speech. What about connecting all the dots about how this administration has MSM just about in his back pocket because cabinet members are related to or married to people running these media outlets and the money or favors that have exchanged. Obama’s connections to MSMMedia and Administration Deal with Conflicts.

Here is some of Sharpton’s stuff about his history. Along with his tax problems.

Here is an article on James Rosen.

Regulating Free Speech is in the works. Here is an interesting look at Free Speech.

Sharyl Atkinson and what is happening with her. Some more on Sharyl.

Why isn’t the media reporting more on what Obama is up to? Snubbing France and Israel the way he has. Refusing to say anything about Radical Islamic Extremism, the divisions he’s created concerning law enforcement. Making statements encouraging rioters, and ignoring the facts, and running with misinformation about Ferguson. What does it say about Obama that he hasn’t made statements on. He rushed to get on TV to talk about the protests and racial issues. He just released a paper statement when the two officers were killed in New York. Making a big stink about Netanyahu speaking in March to Congress. People squealing about it being the President’s job for foreign policy. Saying it insults the presidency. So, I guess it applies to Churchill and other dignitaries and leaders who have addressed Congress since the 1940’s. And the administration turning it around they don’t want to influence elections in Israel? They tried to set up a meet with Israel’s President while he is going to be here. Now, that is not happening because of scheduling. Whatever, just doesn’t add up when this has been in the work allegedly for months even prior to Boehner announcing Netanyahu addressing Congress. It come across to me Obama doesn’t like or wants to support Israel on many levels.

The State of the Union Address just looked like a passing contest between him and the right to me. Just touting a bunch of bullshit again and offering free shit to energize the liberal base. It doesn’t surprise me any, considering his background with his mother being called an activist. Following and admiring people like Davis. Being connected to Wright and Ayers. Looking up to people like Fanon. I’m sure that is why he snubbed France because of how he admirers Fanon who was an anti colonialist who dislike France. And some of the comments he’s said and been against Israel and the issues surrounding the settlements. Comments he said about Islam and doing what ever he could t denounce any ill talk about Islam. Along with his comments about alluding to the Constitution being antiquated and doesn’t apply anymore and needs to be rewritten.

There are a lot more important things to look into and report about instead of talking about a movie some douche bags like Michael Moore and Seth Rogen made some ignorant comments about. It has been a distraction more than anything.


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