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The Internet

O’Reilly had a good point the other night about the internet. He and Geraldo were talking about all the misinformation put out there on the internet claiming it’s news. There is so much bullshit out there and a lot of these outlets that claim to be news are nothing but a bunch of gossip columns in my opinion.

Some of them do tell some little truths and test them into whatever they want. Very little to no verification or fact checking on stories they write. A good example is the Ferguson stuff revolving around Mike Brown. Look how the internet took off with all the misinformation. All the hands up don’t shoot bullshit. Just over people believing what they want to believe, and think it’s fact because someone wrote it.

Not much different over the Chris Kyle stuff when people like Bill Maher take his quotes out of context making it sound like Chris said all Iraqi’s were savages. And stating he didn’t give a fuck about Iraqis. When I’ve heard and seen Chris’s statements being what bothered him the most was not saving enough people. Those people included everyone who had violence raining down on them. It didn’t matter whether or not they were Iraqi, his comrades in arms, or our allies. He has specifically said the terrorists who were savages.

It’s widespread across the internet and media with so called journalists spinning the facts into whatever point of view they want. And/or whichever audience they wish to target, whether it be left or right. Maybe they want to go after the conspiracy theory crowd. Left wing base, or right wing base. Much of it is propaganda and these people pander to their core audience and really wouldn’t don’t want to put stuff out there that their audience doesn’t want to hear.

Getting back to what O’Reilly and Geraldo were talking about is how dangerous this could end up being with so much misinformation out there. Many people don’t really have time to verify or fact check the information being put out there. They take it as face value for whatever reason. Who knows why? I think a lot of stuff people believe is because it is an emotional thing. Thinking if it’s against their moral and ethical compass tells them it must be true. Like a situation similar to Mike Brown being killed. It’s terrible to hear that an unarmed person gets killed by the police. But, everybody seemed to go apeshit over the misinformation put out there and hang on to it. People were even out there making shit up that weren’t even there.

This stuff is dangerous because it basically boils down to propaganda. And in some ways I do believe the Obama administration used it to their advantage pushing the racial division. Obama used it to his advantage and so did Eric Holder. Instead of getting on the boob tube and asking for people to wait to here the facts they did the opposite and pushed racial division and stood with the protesters and pretty much condoned it. Obama back peddled here and there, and that pissed people off too because they expected him to condone what they were doing. And to give them a go ahead to riot.

Just like Obama doing an interview with Gozell, a lot of protest is being made over that. Saying it disgraces the office and spinning it however that Obama can meet with her but, not Netanyahu. It’s pure genius, Obama is wandering to the younger base over the internet using social media. Something the right really needs to look at to put a strategy together to reach the younger crowd. Hell, where do most people receive their info anymore? The internet and social media. The younger crowd watches shows like The Daily Show, and Real Time with Bill Maher. Conservatives could really take a lesson from the left and how they operate to motivate their base and appeal to people.

The left understand the power of the written word whether it’s the truth or not. If it’s written somewhere people tend to believe what they read. The Nazi propaganda machine is the perfect example. They knew if you controlled the information being disseminated by the media you had much of the battle won and could control things. Much of what happening now is very similar and we will have to be more diligent to make sure the information we absorb is credible and coming from credible and respected sources armed with the facts.


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