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I’ve been sitting here wondering for sometime how much our foreign policy has played a role in the terrorist activities. Going back to when Saddam gassed the Kurds. I was under the impression we were trying to help the Kurds launch a coup to take Saddam out because of the monster and tyrant he was. Then for whatever reason we bailed on the Kurds and Saddam gassed them. Not that I condone and have any sympathy for radical Islamic extremists, just wondering how things like this have impacted and promoted some of the hatred they have toward us.

Terrorism isn’t new and it’s been going on for ions in different parts of the world. And America hasn’t really had to deal with terrorism as much as a country like Israel. They’ve been fighting terrorism ever since their inception. It’s a daily routine for Israel to be countering terrorism. Of course, since we are allies doesn’t help with other relationships we have around the world since many in that region would like to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth.

We’ve had our attacks as well to deal with but, nothing on the scale Israel has to deal with. Attacking our ships, embassies, and military installations. Now with Benghazi being at the forefront of some of the most recent attacks. Being almost 15 years since we’ve been at war with terrorism depending on when you want to start. I first remember hearing about terrorist attacks in the early 1970’s when the thing to do was to highjack an airplane. Or, the massacre in Munich during the 1972 Olympics and The Raid on Entebbe are a couple of instances that come to mind.

I guess we have always had a pretty good advantage of having the oceans keeping us isolated from the rest of the world until technology and transportation has advanced as much as it has. Within a days time we can pretty much be in any part of the world we would want to go. Instead of taking days or months like it used to. With the having access to the internet and social media now even in some of the remote places on earth. Information flies around the world in milliseconds. More people have more access to information than ever before whether it’s viable information, or propaganda. And there are a lot more avenues to gain access to this information as well.  Having satellite phones, and cell phones, the internet, radio, and TV. And it is all pretty inexpensive when you think about it.

Another thing I have been thinking about is the consensus used to be isolate and contain whatever was happening in the Middle East. Not so much anymore with all the technology available, just about everyone has access to some sort of communication. Having Saddam gone, Ghadaffi gone, and a few others, we have left a void in the region. Even though we had problems with these people they were somewhat the lessor of two evils. These dictators kept things bordering on complete chaos. With our culture we think things were terrible how the treated people in their countries. And they were brutal dictators but, they understood the mentality of who they were dealing with when it came to radical Islamic extremists. Their mentality is about 180 degrees than ours when it comes to what they believe in. They believe if it’s worth believing it’s worth dyeing for. Doesn’t matter what it is, case in point with the Muhammed cartoons. Those cartoons offended them and Muhammed and it’s worth killing and dying for. We scoff at that and can’t comprehend that because it is trivial to us and we usually don’t have to much of an issue when offensive satire is used.

From what other things I’ve read the Torah, Old Testament, and the Quran are pretty much identical in a lot of ways. An eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth sort of things. They are stuck in that time period when people were stoned, beheaded, or had their hands cut off for stealing and other such penalties. It’s pretty barbaric, and it seems like they wish to stay there in that time period. It’s becoming a cancer and spreading and I wonder how long is it going to take civilized nations to continue to tolerate radical Islamic terrorism?

I just shake my head hearing our leaders and mainstream media trying to be empathetic and sympathetic with these savages. Having the mentality that somehow if we are nice enough, and try not to offended them they will be able to solve this diplomatically. Whether they want to admit it or not we are looking at a religious war. It may not be our point of view as a religious war it is in their mind. I get the impression anyway that these radicals are out to either kill or convert everyone into radical Islamic extremists. And they will do it by any means necessary. Their tactics are evolving, using suicide bombers, sleeper cells, and are even promoting and recruiting lone wolf attacks.

I don’t see any of this letting up anytime soon. It will probably get worse before it gets better. I think it was a big mistake not staying in areas where we have taken out dictators and trying to get a stable government in where they could control the radical end of the spectrum. With Ghadaffi and Saddam out of the picture, Pakistan and Syria in turmoil it’s been a free for all over there with warring tribes and militants trying to gain power. Now we are facing the possibility of a caliphate forming and being in place in the Middle East. If a caliphate is allowed to take root we are definitely going to have major problems more so than we do now. It is going to take a concerted effort to destroy radical Islamic terrorism. There needs to be a coalition of all the nations who are under attack. Hunt these radicals down and kill them. Along with trying to break the cycle of children being indoctrinated, and others. Much of it is going to have to come from within from other Muslims who are peaceful and follow Islam as the peaceful religion it is supposed to be. Which bring up another question, Is Islam really a peaceful religion? Seeing the polls and other information is seems like about 25% are radical and the other 80% agree with what the radical percentage is up to. I’m sure there are a percentage of Muslims abhor what is happening. I know I don’t see much difference between Islamic extremism and Nazism and the so called “solution” to have a perfect race. Instead of having the superior race, radical Islamics are promoting the superior religion. Trying to implement seriously oppressive Sharia law, either you convert or conform, or you die. Genital mutilation taking place, rape victims being stoned to death, and/or acid throw on them. Honor killings taking place. Bloggers being sentenced to insane prison sentence and being lashed just for doing something offensive. Alleged homosexuals being tossed off of buildings, and God know what other atrocities they are committing.

Then we have organizations like CAIR and The Muslim Brother hood, and you could probably throw the New Black Panthers and Farrakhan into the mix as well promoting black liberation under the guise of Islam. Which all I see are organizations providing a gateway for radicalization. We are seeing more of a proactive move coming out of European countries like Belgium wo are cracking down and arresting suspects who may be a threat since the attacks in Paris. That could be another strategy working on the edges and moving toward the center of the problem and stamping it out eventually.

Obama has completely mishandled this situation in my opinion. By pulling out troops and not making deals for troops to carry over to train and support governments troops. Look at how many have cut and run and are not even willing to fight to for their own freedom and rights. Then we are sending troops back into these places. It doesn’t make any sense. Having these ridiculous rules of engagement. Pussy footing around with a few drone strikes and bombing missions to make it look like there is an effort being made to win the war on terror.

It’s going to take a lot more than what we are doing. We are dealing with a very determined enemy who has patience and are relentless enough to keep fighting. It doesn’t help with having the mentality of empathizing and sympathizing and expecting diplomatic channels to work. It is never going to happen. We are going to have to act like we are in a war and go to war with the end of the mission to be victorious and exterminate our enemy. It is going to take a concerted effort from everyone to work within their own countries to stomp out radical Islamic extremists. Law enforcement needs to get the intelligence and be proactive and arrest or take out terrorists, throw them in jail, or just completely sanitize the situation.

Sanctions are going to have to be implemented on countries and states who harbor terrorists and finance them. If a source comes from one of these countries a coalition is going to have to go in and vaporize training camps and terrorist cells. If the countries or states don’t wish to cooperate kick the shit out of them too. A serious message is going to have to be sent to radical Islamic extremists from civilized society that terrorism isn’t going to be tolerated. And Muslims are going to have to put an end to the senseless indoctrination of radical ideas into children. The brainwashing is going to have to stop.

The more and more I read and look into terrorism as a whole one common denominator keeps cropping up. It’s radical Islamic extremism. Indie is at odds with Muslims and have been at the brink of nuking them a few times. Most Indians I’ve talk to think the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. Having 9/11 happening here with the Twin Towers being attacked, the Pentagon, Flight 93. France and the UK have been terrorized many times. Russia has had many attacks. The two other incidents that I mentioned earlier. It all comes down to one common denominator, radical Islamic extremism. It’s a cancer on humanity.


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