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Paris Attacks

Why doesn’t it surprise me Obama didn’t attend the rally in Paris or send one of his cronies? The only message I can conceive of the inaction of this administration is that it is sympathetic to our enemies. Now hearing reports Obama is encouraging or going to monitor, or whatever, journalist not to write anything that may offend radical Islamic terrorist that could incite violence on our people? Obama is clearly showing to me where his alliances are.

With none of our high profile officials like Kerry, Biden, Obama himself, or an under secretary of sort not going to Paris is lame. Lame is about the only thingI can think of, other than it being a slap in the face to France and all the other leaders who attended to at least make a statement against terrorism.

Obama should have been the first one to condemn those attacks, lead from the front, and get all the nations together for a serious effort to destroy terrorism. All of his previous statements concerning Muslims and Islam should be proof enough where he stands, Obama Against Anti-Jihad Articles and 40 Mind Blowing Quotes From Obama About Islam And Christianity.

Those articles are just a couple of examples. I am just disgusted about how Obama is handling the terrorism situation. I doubt this shit would be going on if someone like Reagan was in office. Obama is a disgrace at best. He has insulted Israel numerous times. Obama’s Disdain for Israel.

I’ll be glad when Obama is out of office. I sure hope we have a serious leader to clean up his mess after he’s gone.


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