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We definitely need to change things when it comes to terrorists. As more information comes out terrorism is growing and spreading. Different factions are popping up, maybe just changing names. Radical Islamic extremists are trying to generate a new caliphate. What do we do? What we have been doing the past 13 years hasn’t seem to do much. I am just waiting for attacks to happen in the states similar to what happened in Paris. More attacks are happening around the world with increasing frequency.

About all see to do is identify are enemies and hunt them down and kill them no matter where they are at. If countries continue to harbor terrorists, they too should suffer sanctions and anything else to isolate them from the rest of the world. If we find terrorist groups and training installations they should be sanitized, vaporized, taken out, or however you want to phrase it. If the state or country that harbor these maniacs gets in the way if we would go in and take them out. Spank their ass too. Our leaders should unite and tell the truth and gain Americans confidence and become united to fight terrorism. Much like we united to fight Nazis and the atrocities of the Holocaust. Along with uniting our allies to form a coalition to eradicate terrorism. Also punishing states and countries who harbor and finance terrorism.

I am so sick and tired of hearing about racial profiling, or it’s Islamophobia, and them being the victim somehow. Obama and his administration really comes across as being sympathetic with our enemies. Obama did’t go to the march in Paris, or send any one of any importance to the march to show solidarity. Holder was in Paris over the weekend. Why wasn’t Holder at the rally? What kind of message is this going to send? Obama’s comments about the attacks in Paris are lame. Why did the White House skirt around questions about not being in Paris at the rally? Was there a serious threat? Some kind of security issue? Seems really weird to me this administration hasn’t been outraged about these attacks. Something is really fucked up with the left and the attitude to empathize with these animals. What are they hoping to do, trying not to offend them by saying shit like this? Was Obama’s lame comments not mentioning terrorism, or not associating it with Islamic extremists, hoping to not be offensive? I’m sure his comments about wanting to end the war. Pulling troops, and everything else he’s done has made him look weak in their eyes and they are acting on it. They know he’s weak and won’t do anything. Obama is a shitty leader, he is weak.

The civilized nations are going to have to get some sort of coalition together, share intelligence, and take a proactive stance to eradicate these radical extremists. Mostly, by putting sanctions on countries and states or harbor and financially support terrorists. And going in and taking them  out when needed. Fuck all this shit about arresting them and prosecuting them and throwing them in jail. Send a message, kill these fuckers. Take the gloves off. Hit these fuckers, and hit them hard. Don’t worry so much about collateral damage. Terrorists know what we’ll do and won’t do. They know our ethical and moral limitations. These radicals do not want peace. They don’t want anything to do with diplomacy. They want to have Sharia law around the world and anyone who doesn’t convert and become Muslim as they see fit will be exterminated. As far as I can tell there isn’t any grey area. They are out to destroy western civilization, it’s as simple as that.

Radical Islamic extremist terrorism is spreading like a cancer on humanity. I don’t really see much difference with Nazism spreading. Obama and this administration have failed miserably in the middle east. From Ghadaffi being killed and not taking measures to deal with the militias, pulling troops out of Iraq and other parts of the region too soon. It’s a total goat fuck. It’s just a matter of time before we have attacks on our soil like the attack in Paris. We may even see attacks similar to attacks Israel faces everyday. Is it going to take something like another 9/11 for people to wake up and decide to do something? Or, having suicide bombers in our malls or, McDonald’s and other fast food joints?

Since Obama or Holder haven’t been to the rally in Paris is there any chatter about having a larger scale summit in the near future to deal with this shit? I haven’t heard anything yet. Are our allies getting together and putting together a serious strategy to go after terrorists?


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