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Free Speech

I find it interesting the championing of Charlie Hebdo mag about having the courage to print offensive cartoons about Islam. After seeing some articles and other cartoons, they have published many cartoons offensive to other religions too. It’s no skin off my ass about what kind of cartoons they specialized in. It’s satirical, and i think most people get it and see the humor in it.

Now they have become martyrs for free speech and I have seen many hypocrisies along the way since the attacks in Paris have happened. I’m pretty sure if there was a publication over here that published what Charlie Hebdo does, they would be run out of town on a rail for promoting hate speech. We see it all the time with things the left calls hate speech from the right. It is always racist, sexist, misogynist, or insensitive of gender orientation or some such nonsense. I see it coming from the right too, getting all self righteous and complaining people need stifled because of what they find offensive too. Taking some ethical or moral high ground on what free speech should be about.

I could just imagine if something like the attacks in Paris had happened here in the States. I’m sure people would complain about how hateful and insensitive these cartoons and magazine are. Having the social justice warriors making it look like these Islamic extremists out to be the victims. Because the people who were attacked weren’t, or didn’t care about what offended these people enough to kill. I’ve already seen things on social media from people saying we should be more considerate of radical Islam’s sensitivities so we don’t offend them. Making it look like they were the victims and have been offended by intolerance, and we should be more sensitive to their needs. We should show them how much we love them and make the necessary compromises so we can all be friends and sing Kumbaya or some shit, and have group hugs.

Look at the discrepancies when Jews or Christians are at the brunt of satirical articles or cartoons. When Jews are involved it becomes anti-Semitic. If it’s Christians, Christianity is under attack and being discriminated against. In many of these instances it is true some of this anti-Semitic, and Christianity is under attack in many ways. Look at many of the activities and/or groups come under attack on college campuses if they are conservative or Christian. Dinesh D’Souza had a great example in his debate with Bill Ayers about having a statue of Voltaire or Moses being put into an area to respect how much influence on society these individuals had. Dinesh said we would have a serious debate over Voltaire and Moses would be denied immediately because he was a Christian figure. I believe Dinesh was correct in his example. The first thing people would scream about is separation of church and state, and would offend non believers, which, is another story altogether.

What seems odd to me are the people who always are champions of free speech when it suits them and want to ban what the deem offensive. It doesn’t work that way in my mind. I hear stuff all the time I find offensive and hateful. I look at it as opinions are like assholes and everybody has one. About the only time I feel speech should be squelched or found to be criminal is when it incites riots, or seduces individuals into performing criminal acts, causing people to murder. And causing public panic like the old adage screaming fire in a movie theater.

Much of the stuff I hear coming out of the left I find offensive because it’s either racist, sexist, or misogynist in some form or another. Anything they don’t like to hear they claim it to be hate speech and want it censored. Having people like rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and many other conservative talk show hosts banned off the radio and jailed, or sent into exile.

Freedom of expression in any form is very important, whether it’s cartoons, print, verbal, and art in whatever form, and even religion is what the first amendment is all about.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Instead of trying to ban any type of speech there needs to be open dialogue and debate. We need to have open minds and take in information even though it may be offensive or disturbing to our personal beliefs. Many times people are offended about things they don’t understand, or may be taboo to their belief system. Doesn’t it really make it right or wrong? different people have different beliefs and, whether you like it or not, it interferes with their rights when you try to cram your beliefs on them. Many times these beliefs are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

On the other hand, there does come a big responsibility having free speech. It might come down to not being able to stand the heat and getting out of the kitchen depending on what we disseminate. One thing I truly believe is to let the hate speech flow. Whether it is racist, anti-religious, misogynist, or any other discriminating and offensive speech. We can use it as a learning and teaching tool to show how foolish or irrational it is. Satire is a good way to put this stuff out there that might be hypocritical and offensive to most. A good example is how comedians often use racism in their routines to show how ridiculous racism really is. Many stereotypes about groups are funny and humorous because they couldn’t be further fro the truth. Whether it’s racial, religious, sexist, sexual, politics. And when it’s offensive seems to make it better because it becomes a vehicle to address some pretty major social issues like rape and pedophilia. Granted, there is nothing funny about either one of those subjects but, as soon as a comic cracks a twisted joke about those issues they are front page headlines.

Looking back on life a bit, it does seem like people are a lot more thin skinned than they used to be. I don’t understand why people have become so hypersensitive over just about anything you can think of. It really scares me how everyone seems to be so divided over so many things. Having to walk on egg shells because someone is going to be offended by something. It’s scary talking to someone of the opposite sex because of fear of anything we say becomes sexual harassment. We get chastised for just about anything we have an opinion about, or shamed into thinking and voicing an opinion over something we are terrible in some way. I’ve seen stuff like this described as cultural marxism and, maybe it is. From what I have been reading and looking into it does make sense that critical theory and critical race theory are at play and being touted as truth. Twisting the definitions of racism, sexism, being homophobic, and a slew of other things trying to dictate to everyone how to think, speak, and act. Like some kind of cookie cutter social engineering project to eradicate any kind of individuality.

Having all of these laws and regulations pretty much dictating behavior based on race, sexual preferences, gender, and religion. Most of this stuff I find racist, sexist, homophobic, and whatever. Because these laws and regulations come across as these  different groups are inferior in some way because of their beliefs, gender, and race. We have the Bill of rights. These rights should apply to everyone across the board no matter what. We don’t need to rewrite the constitution or have another founding moment. We just need to get back to the founding principles this country was founded on. With having the liberties and freedoms our Constitution says we have. Including the unalienable rights from our creator comes a lot of personal accountability and responsibility.

I don’t think people Like Sharpton should be silenced. Let him spew is rhetoric and vitriol. Use him as an example between right and wrong. Same thing with the white supremacists, or radical Islamic leaders, Farrakhan, and other charlatans spewing garbage. I can’t remember exactly which scripture I was thinking about in this moment but, the message is about being aware of false prophets and judging them by their fruit. I kind of see a pattern with many so called religious leaders. It doesn’t matter which religion it is. Sharpton is supposed to be Christian. Farrakhan exploits Islam. White suprematists highjack Christianity. Then you have the Pat Robertson’s saying things are happening because God is punishing the U.S. when 9/11 happened because they compare it to the likes of Sodom and Gomorrah. Jerry Falwell is another one I don’t care for.

We are faced with some serious problems with radical Islamic terrorists though. I don’t know any other way to describe them. Whether they hijacked Islam or not, we need to find a way to undermine their teachings of having a Jihad or putting out Fatwas about these distorted reprehensible beliefs. It doesn’t matter who they kill and whether or not muslims are killed either. ISIS Boko Haram, or other factions are trying to bring back the caliphate and take over the world from my observations. Reading many of the books I have read about all of this terrorist stuff diplomacy definitely isn’t going to work. From the mindset described these people have, the only thing they will understand is brute force. They are relentless and are not going to give up until they achieve whatever they are after. The indoctrination starts when they are very young and continues into adulthood. They’re brainwashed from the cradle to the grave. Much like the Hitler youth and Nazism is still alive today because of the indoctrination that had taken place. Many of those kids carried those beliefs until they died and couldn’t be deprogrammed or whatever you want to call it. The protests in Germany right now about the Islamization of Germany being condemned and taken as racist and deplorable. Is it really? Are people getting just finally getting fed up with Islamic terrorism? Is this just all free speech? What about the no go zones in France where only Muslims can be? What about Sharia law creeping into places?

Many of the incidents we have heard about have been perpetrated by converts in prison that have been disenfranchised from society and prime targets for radicalized Islam. The guy in Oklahoma beheaded co-workers, Brimsley, who assassinated Officers Ramos and Liu had been in prison and linked to The Muslim Brotherhood. These are just a couple of examples. I’m sure if you dig around you’ll find more. These guys were perfect recruits for radical Islam. Much like a pimp preys on weak vulnerable people to become prostitutes.

With technology, how much of a problem is it when people radicalize over the internet? How much of it is propaganda on any side of the equation?  As ISIS and Boko Haram and other radical groups claiming to be Islam and Sharia law is being implemented across larger areas where do we draw the line for freedom of religion? My opinion is that no matter what it’s called as far as Islam is concerned. It’s become a cancer on humanity. From what is being reported this beliefs system is very oppressive on just about every level you can think of. Any dissension or criticisms will cause death or harsh punishment. Just giving the impression of causing offense to Mohamed or Islam can get you jailed or killed. Something is very wrong with this picture. How much more are we going to tolerate from a religion that claims to be about peace and causes most of the mayhem around the world? Under the circumstances I don’t see anything wrong with profiling. If red flags are there look into it and be proactive about taking care of the problem. Maybe that would encourage peaceful muslims to say enough is enough and motivate them to take back their peaceful religion. Every attack has been linked to Islam someway or another. If a caliphate is formed we are really going to have problems all over the world. Terrorist attacks are becoming more prevalent and seem to be increasing in numbers as well. The entire situation seems to be escalating when it comes to terrorist attacks.

I’m sure I’ll be classified as being Islamophobic. I don’t think Islamophobia can really be a correct description with overwhelming data and statistics proving terrorism is deeply rooted within Islam. Along with polls showing a majority of Muslims agreeing with the doctrine being used and promoted by radical Islam. Containment and isolation hasn’t seemed to work. Diplomacy doesn’t seem to work. What’s next, kill them all and let God sort them out? How can the bad be weeded out from the good? Are most Muslims peaceful? Why haven’t peaceful Muslims help eradicate the radicals? Are they afraid of themselves and their families being exterminated? Are there actually moderate peaceful Muslims? What do we do with countries who harbor and give safe haven to terrorist factions? Is WWIII on the horizon?


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