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Black Brunch

I haven’t really followed up on this new idea to protest at restaurants. Don’t really need to. It’s an ignorant idea and the only outcome I see is pissing people off. Hey protesters! You’re doing it wrong! First you need a valid cause to protest. Secondly, you need to champion credible individuals to hoist in protest. The only thing you are accomplishing in my opinion, is alienating the public.

The basic premise to protest is to educate and make the public aware of your cause and gain support from said public to hopefully follow your cause. Politicians could give a rats ass about protesting, they don’t care. The only way they do care is if a cause gains enough traction that their seats are at risk.

This goes along with all the black lives matters stuff. I’m not going to deny there are problems with excessive force and brutality at some levels within law enforcement agencies. It’s pretty plain and simple. If you resist arrest and/or pull a weapon on the police. There are going to be consequences to those actions. I don’t think there are as many problems with excessive force or brutality as there were 20, 30, 50, or even 60 years ago.

I think the police have been really tolerant and restrained dealing with a lot of these protests. They very easily could have come out and really squelched the protests. Water cannons or fire hoses could have been used, K9 units could have been used to attack people. It could have been turned into a real monkey stomp.

Where are the protests about all the criminality and violence within black communities since black lives matter so much? Where is the outrage about abortions among blacks are reported that are higher than birth rates? Here we go again with another situation where people refuse to place any accountability or responsibility within these communities where there is a very high crime rate, no family structure, and absent fathers. There seems to be very little regard for human life. People getting attacked and killed over a certain pair of shoes or clothing. Rampant drug and gang activity.

Many of the problems these protesters seem to fail to realize are, many of these problems are going to have to be addressed at the community level. It’s not because the police are racist and are particularly out to get any particular group. Clean up your neighborhoods, quit breaking the law, assimilate to the rest of society. Just because these areas may be poor doesn’t mean they can’t be civilized. If you don’t want interactions with the police, don’t be a thug or some ratchet bitch. Act right and dress right. If you act and look like a thug you’re going to get treated like one.

If you are going to protest police brutality and excessive force find the cases that have merit and have been proven to be excessive force and brutality Instead of thugs like Michael Brown. And here is another example of the left dividing and using propaganda to split and divide people over race. It’s coming from the top on down with Obama and his administration meeting the everything is racist card villianizing law enforcement. It really disgust me how Obama has given Sharpton the platform and given him any kind of credibility and raised his stature. It should be quite the opposite. The POTUS should be speaking out against a race baiting poverty pimp like Sharpton. Or any other person or organization that spews the racist vitriol Sharpton does. Look how much shit Scalice has caught just for speaking at an event he may not have even spoken at. Look how much of a deal they are making out of the situation altogether but, it’s alright for someone to grace the White House over 80 times with the background Sharpton has? Along with him being championed as such a great civil rights leader and voice for the black community? Looks like a double standard to me.

If the Black Brunch crowd had any credibility at all, they’ve lost it now. Going into stores, malls, restaurants, and disrupting businesses that have nothing to do with police brutality and excessive force is not a way to win the hearts and minds of people. I have a feeling it is going to back fire. Communities are not going to tolerate this much more and there are going to be more interactions with police. The police are also going to step it up a notch or two to bring peace back to communities that are going to demand police to bring things back to civility.


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