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Where Is This Mentality Coming From?

I don’t really get where this mentality is coming from concerning these protests. Many people seem to fail to comprehend resisting the police is going to get you arrested. Take Garner for example, this guy had been arrested numerous times for selling loosies. He knew how things go down. He knew the cops weren’t going to let him go. He resisted, he could have just complied, been handcuffed and booked, and said get me a lawyer. What were the police supposed to do? Do you think the police are going to say okay, come down to the station at your earliest convenience to straighten this matter out?

What about comments being made about Antonio Martin? His gun jammed or the safety was on, and people are criticizing the police over that? How did the cop know the gun was jammed or safety was on? Was the cop supposed to stand there and take a chance on getting shot? Should the cop waited until Antonio unjammed his gun and made sure the safety was off before he pulled his weapon and protected himself? Just from what I had seen in the video released I’ll bet they’ll find out accounts made by individuals are not going to be accurate. They are saying his girlfriend was with him. I didn’t see her in the video. Just him and his friend that took off running after shit hit the fan. Was his girlfriend around the corner in a car? Was she one of the ones who walked up on Martin pushing the stroller or cart and kept walking? Oh, and of course stories are going around Martin was just going to pul is cell phone out to record his interaction with the police.

Over the past few months comments made by Obama and his administration, Holder, Sharpton, and other prominent figures have been divisive and have encouraged putting a racial spin on everything. I think critical theory has a lot to do with what is happening as well trying to get people to believe they need to fight against whatever situation is causing their oppression. And, making  them believe they are being oppressed. This mentality and rhetoric being used is an attempt to make one believe they are oppressed because of their race, gender, sexual preference, religious beliefs, cultural differences.

What I interpret from what I’m seeing on the internet and media is that there is a deliberate attack on just about everything this country has been founded on. What happened to the philosophy of E Pluribus Unum? Out of many, One. From what I understood our motto translated into we are of many cultural, religious, colors, creeds, with a very diverse background to unify into one nation.

Now, what makes political correctness dangerous in my mind is separating everyone into specific groups and/or hyphenated Americans of some sort. Being African- American, Irish-American, Latin-American, Gay-American, or Whatever-American you can think of. Having these absurd organizations wanting to promote garbage in schools. Secondary schools pushing critical theory and critical race theory, trying to promote it as some sort of human studies, or social studies.

One I can think of is the new guidelines being suggested to erase gender all together so as to not offend anyone that may or may not be confused about their gender. All I see this bullshit doing is causing more problems than needs be. All I see happening with all this concentration about diversity is causing more harm than good because it focuses on all the differences, and makes people walk on egg shells. Making people think there are things wrong with them because they are different. Making people feel guilty because they notice or say anything about somebody being different. Coming up and passing legislation for hate crimes, affirmative action type legislation. Which, actually makes it looks like people with differences are inferior in some way.  By needing laws, regulations, and policies to give them special allowances. It’s a vicious a circle. Because most of this tends to make people look for something to raise hell about. Why can’t we get back to our motto E Pluribus Unm, out of many one?  I’m all about being proud of your ancestry,religious, or cultural backgrounds. Where I take issue with it is when it interferes with others. When it makes others act out of fear of retribution some how or another, stifling free speech and not having a dialogue about what doesn’t jive. Such as, radical Islam and having the majority of terrorism being committed be these extremists? How does this fact make it racist and whatever else offensive, and turn them into victims, because it has been pointed out through statistics this faction of Islam is a problem?

The political correctness mentality is poison as far as I can reason. Everything is racist, or sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, and whatever kind of ism you can think of. It is very disturbing people go out of their way to find, read between the lines, and assume there is an ulterior motive with everything that comes down the pike. The left is on a mission that does push socialism, marxism, and communism. It is more blatant now than ever before that I can remember. The left is supposed to be all about free speech and they want to squelch anybody that has any criticisms, or has a conservative view. The stop Rush campaign is a good example. There again it becomes racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist, or down right called hate speech. Which totally contradicts what hey claim to champion about free speech. Claiming the right and conservatives are fascist capitalistic nazis. They often confuse age old european right wing fascist government, which is totally opposite of what we view conservative right wing politics in the United States.

It’s not much different than what I’ve been reading about Critical Race Theory where the jest of it is people of color can’t be racists because they don’t have power over anything. And it blurs the definitions of discrimination and prejudices from what I can figure. Even though racism has a pretty narrow definition of hating another just by their race and doesn’t define you have to be a certain race to be racist. The critical race theory is another liberal mentality that is being crammed down our throats in colleges. Even having liberation theology being hijacked by people like Reverend Wright. Everything I see from the left comes across as do whatever to divide and conquer. Putting as much effort as possible to divide people any and every they can.

For what ever reason people are getting sucked into and believing and being lead like sheep to slaughter if they don’t figure it. I would think it would pretty clear, especially with the Obama administration being so blatant with the hard left agenda is is projecting and following. It has started to lead to some anarchy pushing his agenda about how racist law enforcement is. Is this going to be the straw that breaks the camels back? We have already seen several law enforcement officers targeted and ambushed. How much are people going to take before it spills over and people start retaliating the protesters? Our we on the brink of racial strifes, leading to racial riots we had during the 60’s, possibly worse?

In my mind liberalism and progressivism, isn’t much different to marxism, socialism, and communism. They only difference is to me is the name. Progressivism is just a sugar coated name for socialism or communism. It’s the same fascist totalitarian mindset. I just basically see as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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