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The Liberal Democratic Media Machine Journalism

It is more apparent everyday how the liberal democratic media machine has an agenda. Especially over the past six years under the Obama administration, the more I think about it, it comes across as some sort of cultural marxism. The left is coming more hardline. I’m getting the impression they are splitting and dividing people any and every way they can. All of this political correctness being shoved down our throats is ridiculous.

Just over the past six months or so it has started to spill over into our lives even more with having Brown, Garner, Antonio Martin now, this other young man in Berkley just outside of Ferguson. This all wreaks of critical theory put the idea people are under some sort of oppression and have to revolt against their oppressor.

What I find funny is the ones that are oppressing them in anyway is the hard left. I think a lot of people are afraid to stand up and say anything because of all of the political correctness. People are afraid of being ruined because of scandal. If someone on the left becomes offended they want to destroy an individual.

People have to really watch what they say and do. I hear all the time about people that have lost jobs and have had their lives turned upside down because of what they have said on social media. Or because of some of the content on Facebook, twitter, and other sites like Instagram. If you say anything against the left you get crucified. Being called a racist, sexist, homophobe, misogynist, and anything thing else you can think of. The right and conservatives are nazi fascists.

I will give the left credit, their propaganda machines is well oiled and organized. I keep hearing from conservatives we need to fight back and give it right back to them. Well, I’ve been waiting for it my entire life. All kinds of excuses have been given why conservatives won’t take the fight to them. It mostly revolved around fear of being ruined. The left has NPR that is funded by the government to help push their agenda. They tried with Air America and failed to go up against people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other outspoken conservatives. It is starting to change with having access to the internet, people podcasting, blogging, using other social networking sites. Having people like Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart getting other information out than what the liberal left media machine’s propaganda.

Look how all of this stuff has been hijacked with the police being villainized by Obama and his administration, along with Sharpton and other race baiting poverty pimps. Encouraging these protests over misinformation and some down right lies. Focusing on how the testimonies of witnesses were contradictory. The media forgot to tell everyone the forensic evidence and other evidence discredited many of the witnesses who lied. They pretty much swept under the rug two of the Ferguson Grand Jury witnesses who testified ended up taking a dirt nap. One was sot and burned up in a car, and the other was found along a creek a river bank. And with Garner, they kept pushing and sating it was a chokehold death. They didn’t explain the entire story, conveniently leaving out Garner’s medical issues and that the actions the police took only contributed to Garner’s death.

The media pushing misinformation about the Grand Jury in Ferguson wonder why things weren’t taken to trial. They had five different charges to choose from and apparently there wasn’t enough evidence to bring any charges against Officer Wilson. As more and more evidence did come out about Michael Brown the more it all favored Wilson and corroborated his testimony and how the events unfolded. The left has been pushing and pushing it should have went to trial because of the controversy of the testimonies, the Grand Jury being secret. From my understanding the prosecutor could have looked at the evidence and decided whether or not to press charges. Part of it too, is that, the Grand Jury is there to help keep prosecutors in check and/or to balance the system by having a jury to go over evidence to see if crimes were committed for people to be charged. It protects witnesses for them to speak freely and a bunch of other stuff.

This link spells it out pretty good:

The left in this country have taken a hard turn to marxism, socialism, and communism. The entire fabric of what this country was started on is under attack. Free speech is probably the most under attack right now. If you disagree with the left and criticize the left, all of a sudden it’s hate speech. I’m tired of it and other people need to speak up and voice their opinions about it too.

I would really like to know who and what organization(s) are behind all of these black lives matter protests. They are being organized be somebody. With the die ins, and the same rhetoric being parroted at these protests. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it wasn’t the occupy movement pushing it.

All this shit about North Korea hacking Sony smells fishy too. It kind of reminds of the alleged video causing the attacks in Benghazi. I’ve seen a few bloggers saying it was more likely a disgruntled ex employee or something like that. Sony has even been accused of setting up a hoax to cover up who hacked them. Or, a group of hackers pissed off at Sony for some reason. I just heard there were 3 people responsible the the recent Xbox hack and whatever else the hacked into.

Who knows? the way the media is and all of the faux journalism going on, who can you trust to get legitimate information? Look at the UVA rape story. There was another one the press ran with and promoted this illusion of a rape culture. Another false story and the media pushing their agenda. All the false gun control arguments. The story kind of tells itself on that one. Where most of the shootings have taken place have the strictest  gun control laws in place. Then the story changes because it’s too easy to bring guns in from other states and they need gun control too. I’ve only heard a couple of stories about 18 guns being flown in from Atlanta up to New York. The TSA screwed the pooched on that one from what it sounds like.

We haven’t really heard anymore about Obama paying off the MSM, or the heads of MSM being married to, or related to someone working for the Obama administration in some form or fashion who have access to Obama. I don’t doubt there is some sort of hierarchy to manipulate the media. If you’re going to be a journalist, all I ask is give us the facts and the truth.



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