Christmas, Holidays


Christmas has come and gone with plenty of family dysfunction abound. Jesus is the reason for the Season which many seem to forget. Everything within the American culture is under attack. I literally felt like crawling under a rock and not coming out until at least January 2, 2015. The traffic and people running around like maniacs trying to get the best deals. Fighting and arguing at stores, the rudeness of it all. People getting arrested when Walmart closed for Christmas. What the fuck people? Have you gone completely insane? Progressives seem to be getting more insane each day, making me wonder if they received enough love when they were children. Or, possibly have some kind of mental disorder. Such vile hateful rhetoric coming out of the left anymore. Sounds like they just want complete anarchy to me. Minorities seem to be catered to whether it’s race, religion, gender, sexual preference, whatever. And America is supposed to be the root of all evil in the world because it’s Bush’s fault.

So much hate and racial division have been at the forefront of most stories over the past few months. The Obama administration and the media have fueled racial divisions and villainized law enforcement. It’s kind of scary how I see falling into believing a bunch of rhetoric which could be no further from the truth. With the “Hands up don’t Shoot! mantra, pick whichever lives matter. All based on misinformation and down right lies after hearing the facts. Or, are the facts even facts? who knows anymore with all the ludicrous shit that goes on these days. Journalism sucks, and is driven in which ever the direction the  particular reporter is, more opinionated and subjective, more than being objective and factual.

It is all very complicated to say the least. Having all of these racial and cultural differences, radical Islam wanting to kill every in it’s path. We can’t even get them to the negotiation table because all they would do is blow that up too. I know I am getting sick and tired of the rhetoric and bullshit coming out of both parties. Most of the media is liberal or progressive and are in love with Obama and his rhetoric pushing the liberal agenda. Each have their talking points they enjoy pounding and plenty of parrots and sock puppets to spread them around. Whatever happened to critical thinking? We are all guilty of following and falling prey to charismatic individuals. Look at how many charismatic and influential leaders that have come to power and have become tyrannical dictators. Or other insane individuals that have lead people to slaughter like sheep. Jim Jones comes to mind with everyone drinking poison. People believing Che Guevara was a freedom fighter. Seeing people like hip hop artist wearing his shirts and many other people supporting him. They are apparently ignorant of his philosophy and he would more than likely exterminated these very same people given the opportunity. It has always boggled my mind that one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.

I still can’t figure out why Christmas is under attack as much as it is. Taking religion completely out of it, what is the problem recognizing an individual that has probably had the most profound impact on society? Loving your fellow man, giving to others, treating people with love and respect, enjoying fellowship. We celebrate other great people like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Nelson Mandella, and so many others. Santa Claus is probably a farce, loosely based on whatever St. Nicholas did or didn’t do. Hell some even believe old Santa is spawned from some sort of satanical pagan rituals to hoodwink people into worshipping the devil. Here we go with another man’s hero and another man’s terrorist.

We have extremists on both end of the political spectrum the left doesn’t seem to realize what they champion borders on totalitarianism and fascism. Wanting to stifle and ban anyone or any kind of speech they don’t agree with. Saying it’s racist, sexist, misogynistic, or whatever the case may be. And the extreme right that hide their hypocrisy behind Christianity. Which, a lot of times they do sound racist, sexist and misogynistic. Many seem to be judgmental and intolerant on either side. And what comes to mind for me people don’t realize is, that people have different core principle ideas and beliefs. There’s a very broad spectrum there.

As a Christian, I don’t condone or believe in things like abortion.I think too many people use it as birth control and needs to be discouraged. In this day and age birth control of one form or another are very accessible, abstinence is always on option too. This issue runs the gamut as well, putting more strain on the welfare system, medical system. Planned Parenthood is a failed program on many levels. I’m sure they do some good providing some healthcare needs with exams and a few other things. But, I think they do more damage than good and just puts a strain on the system. Started by Margret Sanger who was a big promoter of eugenics. From what I have read of her and some of her views, it sounds like to me she wanted to cleanse the human race, especially blacks. And where are most of the clinics located? Predominately low income urban areas where many poor African Americans reside. How many news stories have been written more abortions have taken place with blacks than have been born in New York? How can we secure our posterity (future generations) the blessing and rights that we often take for granted with so many abortions? Which leads to the issues of a woman’s right to choose, a woman should have the right to choose life without being chastised or ridiculed either. I would rather see more promotion of adoption or other options instead of abortions being performed. I think it’s murder and should be a last resort option. If a woman decides to choose abortion I don’t want to interfere with that right either, even though I have strong beliefs against it. I don’t see a problem with having abortion being legal if it were for a legitimate medical reason, possibly rape, or incest. But, adoption or some other alternative should be considered before. I don’t want to force my belief on someone who strongly believes it’s okay.

I could really care less about gay marriage. Any household or family should have the rights afforded to others just because of marriage. Families should be able to have households where they can have the tax benefits, insurance options, and other benefit. It shouldn’t matter. A family unit is a family unit the way I see it. I don’t really care about gay people adopting kids. They aren’t going to turn a kid into being gay if they aren’t gay. If anything those kids are going to be more secure in their sexuality whether they are gay or not. I say this because of the gay people I do know. Most gay people don’t care whether a person is straight or not. Because they know more than anyone that sexual preference doesn’t define an individual like many homophobes believe.  We all have our sins one way or another, whether you’re heterosexual, gay, som where in-between. Spousal abuse, child abuse, adultery, killing stealing, lying, pick one or many. Being judgmental is a good one. LOL, be careful pointing fingers, you have three pointing back.

Christmas should be practiced everyday of the year, people being as good to each other as they can, just giving some time to someone in need when you’re able to. One doesn’t necessarily have to spend money to give a materialistic gift. Volunteer somewhere once in awhile at a nursing home, VA hospital, Big Brother and Big Sisters. Help an old lady across the street. Buy a burger for a homeless dude.


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