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The Reverend Al

I can’t believe this guy. I can’t even begin to use the word Reverend or call him Reverend because he is so far from what I would consider being a Reverend. He seems to be at the root of a lot of this racial division. Here we go again with Sharpton. Throwing fuel on the fire in Ferguson, New York as usual.

Now he is backtracking making statements like “an eye for eye just makes the world blind. And making the statement about how bad he felt about the police officers Ramos and Liu getting killed. I read a couple of more stories where an off duty cop was shot and injured in St. Louis area. Another officer shot and killed in Florida.

Sharpton’s rhetoric didn’t help anything at all. He has taken misinformation and pounded into the ground once again inciting anger, violence, and racial division. He’s a poor excuse for  Reverend. He should have been asking and defusing the situation. Promoting peace, waiting for the facts to come out, promoting and preaching about harmony and unity. Instead of firing up everyone with catch phrases like No Justice, No Peace. He should have been working on relations between people of color and law enforcement instead of eluding to police being a bunch of racists killing people.

And if you’re not sure about Obama’s character. It should be clear now be buddies with Sharpton. As mention by a few people I’ve talked to they say Obama has him around to say what he can’t. Sharpton is the biggest racist I can think of right now. He’s anti police. Incites people into a frenzy, most of the time, with lies. Everything Sharpton touches turns into a racial issue.  He’s a thug. It is disgusting Obama has had him advising on anything. Let alone having him at the White House.

Sharpton has tax issues, had problems with making loans to himself from his National Action Network to pay for his daughters college. Defamation suits, the Dunbar rape incident that turned out to be a false. Tawana Brawley rape case that was a farce. Being an informant for the FBI that had to do with cocaine. He probably had to do that or go to jail to get out of drug charges himself. Such a long history of debauchery, how can anyone take him seriously.

We should call and boycott companies who advertise on his show on MSNBC. With all his shenanigans with his taxes he should be audited and shut down if anything is found to be screwed up. He’s a vile piece of garbage. If race relations became better he would be out of job. It is completely ridiculous he is involved with the Sony debacle as well. I’m hearing reports he’s on the board to advice about racial discrimination in movies or some shit.

Sharpton needs to retire or something, possibly go to jail for tax evasion, something. I’m sure he’s done something to throw his ass in jail. It’s like Sheriff Clarke said. He’s a cartoon. Why do people and networks put a microphone and camera on him? He’s a fake. Chickens don’t run with donkeys. He’s shoulder to shoulder with Obama, Holder, and Mayor DeBlasio. All Sharpton is, is a self serving bigot.

Do they just do stories on him because he is such a race baiting poverty pimp? Hoping people for see him for who he is? I wish the media would just ignore him. If he show’s up somewhere, don’t film him, or don’t broadcast his comments. I urge people to contact him and express your outrage about what he has done.

I do blame this Administration, people like Sharpton, and the media for exploiting the recent events that has lead up to the increased racial tensions and Officers Ramos and Liu getting killed. They are all to blame for inciting things, and sensationalizing misinformation, and/or reporting it the misinformation as fact when it hasn’t been. The media is atrocious any more. I don’t care what network you watch, they are all guilty of it. I myself have been caught up in news stories and the media has blown the situation out of proportion and/or spun it and completely made a biased false narrative depending on their political leanings.

None of these events have been proven to be considered a racial issue but, Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and many prominent liberals have turn it into a racial issue. It just boggles my mind how people can follow and believe Sharpton. It’s scary people follow people like Sharpton.


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