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Police Getting Murdered

It was a terrible tragedy two New York police officers Ramos and Liu were murdered over this past weekend. The main reason seems to be just because they were law enforcement  officers. Which I believe was fueled by this administrations comments from President Obama and Eric Holder. Along with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, other supposed civil rights leaders, liberal politicians fueling the fire over Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

A lot of misinformation and down right lies were pushed by the media, The White House, and the Department of Justice. Most of the media outlet has a liberal agenda they want to push and are sympathetic and believe Obama is a savior or some shit. It just seems like to me our current administration, media, and the race baiting poverty pimps Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been pouring fuel on racial issues for the past six years.

Social media has played a pivotal role in all of this too. Everything spreading like wild fire whether it is true or not. No matter what the facts are some people are going to believe whatever they want to believe. Because it fits in with what they emotionally feel or, fits in with what they believe to be wrong or right. Plus not understanding how different legal issues vary from being morally or ethically contrived. What may be legal may not always be ethically or morally right. Whatever may be illegal may not always be morally or ethically bad either.

Mayor deBlasio had a big hand in what transpired too. I feel his comments threw the NYPD under bus. Obama’s comments about holding steadfast to the protesters didn’t help. Many of his comments sided with and/or promoted the protesting over the misinformation to divide people on many levels. Just about everything Eric Holder says comes across as being racially motivated somehow or another.

Between the left and the liberal leaning media they have been pushing racial divisions big time for the past six years. Especially since Al Sharpton has played a role advising Obama. Now he has weaseled his way onto the board at Sony. I’m sure that was a strong arm move, and Sony figured it would be cheaper than litigation I’m sure they were threatened with. That is another story all on its own concerning Sharpton.

All I see him as is a poverty pimp who takes advantage of ill informed and under educated people. Obama has done the same thing to people. Many blacks believing he was going to be their savior just because he is black. I think he’s screwed the black community more than he has helped them. Pretty much politics as usual, making promises of hope and change that never came.

The law enforcement and judicial systems do have their share of systematic problems and varies greatly among demographics and jurisdictions. There are problems with overzealous prosecutors and law enforcement personnel. There are problems with brutality and excessive force. It is kind of hard to figure out how much depending on which statistics you look at. The left have chosen to used statistics that are squeed because of the lack of law enforcement agencies reporting. From what I have been reading about the statistics where they are touting police kill more blacks are from urban areas are predominately  people of color. They do not consider other jurisdictions. They are just using these stats to push their agenda. From other stats I’ve seen and have been reported on tell an opposite story. Where more whites are killed over all than blacks and have shown a decline.  Those numbers are probably squeed as well depending on what is reported and how many law enforcement agencies report. The UCR is probably the most accurate overall over other crime statistics.   Here is a link to one article in the daily news that talks about the information I mentioned.

Even the UCR can be goofy because of the way crimes and other things are classified. And depending on how one would decide to portray the information could push the information into being biased however they would choose. The UCR is a useful tool and can provide a lot of interesting and purposeful information. I don’t think it’s the be all and end all for crime statistics either. Because things are under reported and not all law enforcement agencies report.

I don’t have much faith in the news and media outlets either because they are just a bunch of gossip hounds at best most of the time. Spreading whatever biased information they deem necessary to push their agenda. Having a bad habit of sensationalizing stories to gain ratings. Twisting language and spinning a story to be more intriguing or glorified. Just like all the media outlets emphasizing Eric Garner’s death, emphasizing it being a chokehold death. They conveniently left out the other part where he had some pretty major health problems that contributed to his death. The chokehold they claimed to be a choke hold wasn’t a chokehold from I could see of the video. It was closer to a head lock than anything. I know because I have had training in martial arts, technically it was not a chokehold. Yes, he had brushing around the neck but, that doesn’t justify what happened to be a chokehold.  There were other contributing factors to his death other than the takedown that lead to his death.

I do think it was pretty ridiculous busting his balls over selling loosies. He could have cooperated, especially with his health problems. Could the cops have just given him a citation? Who knows? Hindsight is 20/20 on a situation like this. He did have some responsibility for his own demise. I can’t put blame on the cops really. They were just doing their job regardless of how stupid you think the law is over selling loose cigs. It’s a chickenshit law concerning revenue. I think if the tax wasn’t as high as it is New York people wouldn’t have the need to buy loose cigarettes.

Michael Brown is entirely different story all together. The only one to blame concerning Michael Brown. Is Michael Brown. His poor choices decided his demise. Many people really haven’t taken into account about what many law enforcement officers have to deal with on a daily basis. Especially in urban areas that have high crime rates. Dealing with thugs and gang members all the time. People having the fuck the police attitude, being unwilling to cooperate. Having the mentality snitches end up with stitches or end up in ditches. Our law enforcement officers have to enforce the law, be social workers, and deal with a lot of fucked up individuals more so than not. And having these two officers being killed in New York is just another example of cops being targets because of their profession. They are the only defense between having a civilization and complete anarchy. It is a very thankless job probably more so than not. I’m sure it is very rewarding when they can and do make a difference.

Are there problems with police brutality and excessive force? Yes, is it as bad as the media and the left portray? I don’t think so. Are the police as bad as this administration  and media portray it to be? I doubt it. These high crime communities and their mentality are a bigger problem than the problems within the judicial system. Broken families, no respect for authority or the law. People not cooperating or, afraid of cooperating from retribution from gangs or thugs. Poor education and low employment rates. Lack of jobs because of being a high crime area. There are numerous problems all the way around that need addressed. It would help greatly if communities would police themselves and take a stand they are not going to tolerate crime.

I had to step back and collect my senses watching a short interview with three young black males. They mentioned they better rebuild the businesses in Ferguson or there would be hell to pay. I couldn’t believe my ears. Why would anyone with any sense rebuild their business if it had been looted and destroyed when their business had nothing to do with Mike Brown what so ever? They said they would be pissed off if they had to travel to get to the store, or get gas, and food. Well, quit burning down your fucking neighborhood dumb ass! If you have a beef with the police or city hall go down there and protest instead of burning down your community. The same with Oakland, New York, Cleveland, and everywhere else they’ve protested destroying property and interrupting business. The only thing any of this protesting is doing is costing everyone money. The loss of property, the loss of business is only going to make products and services more expensive. Some of the police officers are probably benefitting from over time.

I’ve kind of figured this shit was going to happen eventually with racial issues being brought to the front and being exploited by politicians and race pimps. If the government and race pimps wouldn’t push racial issues as much as they do many of them would be out of a job. I think deBlasio only said what he said sympathizing with the protesters only to cater to them so he could get reelected. I honestly think he is just catering, or trying to cater to people of color because of the concentration of people of color there are in New York. I have a feeling it is going to back fire on him though. I just hope this situation has a chance to calm down and people step back and calm down. Because I don’t think it is going to take much to set this powder keg off. All it’s going to take is someone else getting killed or beat up under the right or condition, depending on how you look at it, to have all out anarchy.  It’s pretty fucked up really, because the two incidents of Mike Brown and Eric Garner that set this off really does not coincide with what people are protesting about. Most of these protesters aren’t even old enough to have experienced oppression and brutality. I think the powers at be have shown restraint and have dealt with things fairly well with the recent protests. We could be back in time when people like Bull Connor were in power. With fire house being used on people. Having the police come in full force kicking ass and taking names later. This could get a lot uglier than it already has. I just hope it doesn’t come to that.


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