Pure Insanity

It seems like the world is coming apart at the seams. In many ways it probably is. Watching social media everybody is in a frenzy over something. Whether it is the situation in Ferguson, New York, Cleveland and the tragic events in Sydney, people are going insane.

I get the protests over police brutality and excessive force. I’ve experienced bad interactions with law enforcement. I know people that have been victims of excessive force. These experiences weren’t as bad as some that have been reported. The protestors could have picked better examples than Michael Brown.

There are cops who abusive their authority as well as people who break the law. We are all people and abuses are going to happen regardless of the situation. I can also see what the police and other law enforcement people have to deal with on a day to day basis. As soon as police put the uniform on they automatically become a target. They are often unwanted and harassed for doing their jobs. Working in high crime areas where the mentality of snitches get stitches, or end up in ditches prevail. With all kinds of crimes being committed from drugs, prostitution, murders, assaults, domestic violence.

And these same communities complain because the police doesn’t do their job, are abusive, racist, sexist, and whatever else comes down the pike. There are a lot of social ills in these communities and it really doesn’t particularly lie with any particular race. Even though most of these communities are predominately black in many cases.

I think one of the biggest problems lie is what is going on in these communities. Poor education, lack of family structure, no respect for authority or human life. People willing to kill people on the perception of being disrespected. Assaulting and murdering people over certain brands of clothing. Gang activity and drugs. Glorifying thug life or gangsta bullshit. Going against the establishment any way they can think of. No wonder many cops have a bad attitude. It’s a sick and twisted world more so than ever before. Many people do not seem to have what most of us consider good morals and ethics. The American dream has become be dependent on the government and being entitled. Instead of freedom to prosper, having a small business, being a productive part of society. They’d rather blame everything from a bad childhood to oppression. This day and time it is really hard to blame much of anything because of oppression. Life is hard for most, trying to get an education, trying to get employment. There is a lot of competition out there to get good jobs. Regulations have a lot to do with it too. From frivolous law suits, affirmative action I believe has caused more problems than it corrected. Having poor credit can severely hinder getting a job, criminal records, and even not having a job can hinder a person from getting a job. Some of this stuff is really insane to me.

Technology has added to the mix having the ability to have information sent across the globe in milliseconds. Which makes me think about more insanity. People bitched and complained about privacy when cameras are being put up to provide surveillance in the name of public safety. Having privacy has become fallacy anymore with all this technology. Anything can get hacked from bank records to medical records down to your own tech devices. We report almost all of our lives when we fill out our tax returns and fill out the census reports. Having the technology such as Google Earth can show just about anything on the face of the earth.

I have mixed feelings over the lapel cameras everyone is so excited to have implemented and almost demanding to have on the police to record every interaction. I’m sure it would be a very useful tool to help decide if the individual or cop were in the right or not. On the other hand all of these interactions with people would become part of public record. Just like reports, court records, and whatever else you can get trough public record. If these cameras are implemented and people get these videos concerning their cases, and/or someone else’s case. You know as well as I do these videos are going to be put online to humiliate or to provide some sort of entertainment for everyone to see. From DUI situations to domestic violence incidents, it will turn into a fiasco as far as that goes. It will take shows like Cops head into a completely new direction.

Do people really want to have their sometimes embarrassing moments plastered all over the internet? We are already seeing a lot of stuff posted in real time from people using cell phones and stuff to record anything that may be of some interest with people interacting with cops. Other videos of people fighting and doing insane stuff in restaurants and other public places. People taking selfies at a hostage situation in Sydney.

It is nice having access to all this technology and information if it is credible information. It seems like it makes it easier for people to expose situations in government. I think in many instances people behave better because everyone knows that everyone has cell phones with video and camera capabilities. People will tend to police themselves whether it be the right thing to do or because of some entertainment value like fight videos, pranks, or other reasons.

It may make some laws obsolete because they were written before all of this stuff. Adding confusion to comparing similar activities being covered before technology boomed. Even the terrorists are taking advantage of the technology recruiting and people self radicalizing online.

Pure insanity everywhere you look. I could probably go on for hours about the insanity in the world.


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