CIA Torture Report

The more I hear about the CIA torture report the more I am inclined to believe this is a political stunt to create backlash from Feinstein. The report doesn’t seem to be genuine because a lot of the information sounds like it was hand picked to stir shit up.

People involved weren’t interviewed or included. All the way around it just sounds like the info in the report was hand picked to create a problem. To tell the truth, I don’t really care what the CIA did to these terrorists to extract information. I bet it would be safe to say any of our military personnel have experienced similar treatment during SERE training and then some.

I’m tired of hearing the self righteous bullshit about taking the moral high ground on this. Many people cannot seem to wrap their head around who we are dealing with. Do you think these radical Islamic extremists wouldn’t do anything like waterboarding, sleep deprivation, humiliation?

I’m sure they truly are torturing people they capture and interrogate. Then after they are done with them and have no further use of their prisoners they behead them. What purpose was there other than to spread terror beheading journalists? What purpose has there been to behead Christians? Why is there such an agenda to destroy Israel?

We are dealing with people that want to destroy western civilization. They want to kill everyone who are not followers of Islam. They are not interested in diplomacy or diplomatic avenues. They don’t care if we show them empathy, throw money, or create friendships. Those attempts only make us look weak and spineless in their mind. We need tactics, strategies, and practices that will get their attention. I don’t think many in this country would have the stomach for it. We should take lessons learned from Israel and apply them here concerning terrorists. Instead of having this administration condemn Israel’s actions and attitude.

They know how far we will or will not go. They know we won’t attack certain targets because of collateral damage or a sacred religious area. After the attack on 9/11 all bets should be off. These extremists should be hunted down and killed like the animals they are.


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